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Type I Phaser
2364 - 2403

A discrete weapon that can be concealed easilly. This model of phaser has eight settings from light stun to disintegration.

Type II Phaser
2371 - 2403

A second refinement and modification of a model originally introduced in 2364, once before updated in 2366. Has sixteen settings incorporating ten disruption levels.

Type III Phaser-rifle
2367 - 2403

The rifle version of the Type II phaser. Also has sixteen settings incorporating ten levels of disruption. Its capabilities also include fully autonomous recharge system, gyrostabilisation and multiple target acquisition. While an out-dated design, it can still be found in some armouries.

Type III Phaser-rifle
2373 - 2403

A modernised model of the phaser rifle which allows for either beams or pulses to be fired.

Type III Phaser-rifle
2373 - 2403

Configuration of the modernised phaser, optimised for handling in low gravity environments.

Isomagnetic Disintegrator
2375 - 2403

Large, portable, shoulder-mounted energy weapon.

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