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Version 22 november 2006

Access to the Fourteenth Fleet Website & Services is granted to members of the Fourteenth Fleet in good standing. Each such member is entitled to one account with the Fourteenth Fleet Website & Services.

Below is a guideline of behavior that is unacceptable in use of the website and services:

Website & Services Abuse:

  • Attempting to breech website security.
  • Attempting to alter data within the website which you are not authorized to alter.
  • Attempting to create more than one or otherwise unauthorized accounts.

Personal Abuse:

  • Attempting to use the website or associated services to defame any member(s) of the Fourteenth Fleet.
  • Attempting to alter other member's data to embarrass or defame them.

Unauthorized Alterations:

  • Attempting to alter your own files to represent untrue data about your character's performance within Fourteenth Fleet.
  • Attempting to utilize database fields for purposes other than their defaults in order to represent untrue data about your character's performance.
  • Attempting to enter data into the website or attempting to disseminate information through services which may be obscene and/or slanderous to any person, Fourteenth Fleet member or not.
  • Attempting to create or modify data in character records that violates any policy of the Fourteenth Fleet.

Other violations may occur that have not been provisioned for in this document. These violations may be dealt with individually at the discretion of the Fourteenth Fleet Administrata. Any unauthorized use or abuse of the Fourteenth Fleet website may result in probation of access, complete removal of access, expulsion from Fourteenth Fleet membership or if necessary, criminal prosecution.

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