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Six Month Starfleet Service Pin

Awarded by the Executive Authority in the name of Star Trek: The Fourteenth Fleet. The Six Month Starfleet Service Pin shall be issued every sixth month of membership to Star Trek: The Fourteenth Fleet which does not result in a full year of membership, as an appreciation from the organization for one's service and contributions.

Service shall be counted as of the first log or first attendance contributed to a simulation in Star Trek: The Fourteenth Fleet.

It is the duty of the member or their Commanding Officer to inform the issuing authority when the award is due.

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Recipients of the Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Vice Admiral Thomas Spartan Stardate: 860417
Captain Vincent Lim Stardate: 860418
Captain Jason (Jace) Fury Stardate: 860420
Captain J`Athena (Jayne) Fury Stardate: 860420
Lieutenant Commander April Jackson Stardate: 860420
Captain Scott Lee Stardate: 860425
Captain Erik Stewarts Stardate: 860416
Captain Cyrus Chapel Stardate: 860917
Commander Diego De La Vega Stardate: 860917
Commander Shaille Masters Stardate: 860917
Commander Bob Patterson Stardate: 860920
Commander Joshua Tremaine Stardate: 860417
Master Chief Petty Officer Spavok Stardate: 860615
Captain Adra Darisan-Pala`u Stardate: 860519
Lieutenant Commander Samuel Bishop Stardate: 860519
Lieutenant Jarok Stardate: 860519
Lieutenant Johnny Bravo Stardate: 860519
Captain James Takahashi Phoenix Stardate: 860426
Lieutenant Commander Darren Chandler Stardate: 860417
Captain Craig Shipman Stardate: 860417
Commander Makiko Furyama Stardate: 860420
Lieutenant Christian Brooks Stardate: 860909
Commander Jason Brook Stardate: 860420
Commander Shonlada Reicha Stardate: 860420
Captain Gnoswal Tarses Stardate: 860422
Lieutenant Commander Dhael Stardate: 861028
Commander Ryan Foster Stardate: 860424
Rear Admiral of the Upper Half Worekh Luta Stardate: 860525
Lieutenant Commander Theressa Cassidy Stardate: 860919
Commander Matthew Barker Stardate: 860816
Captain Faye Lockwood Stardate: 861222
Lieutenant Altira Stardate: 861111
Commander Eric Holz Stardate: 861108
Lieutenant Commander Jenna Prela Stardate: 860502
Lieutenant Corbin Walker Stardate: 861128
Commander Chaia Hansen Stardate: 860922
Commander Kyelia Sabok Stardate: 860417
Lieutenant Gilyan Emberly Stardate: 860425
Petty Officer Veldok Stardate: 860421
Lieutenant Commander Tolan Voral Stardate: 861210
Captain Kenneth Wong Stardate: 860716
Lieutenant Commander Tral-Nor Valtorin Stardate: 860903
Chief Petty Officer Payne O`Neil III Stardate: 860918
Commander Jules Hui Stardate: 860918
Commander Ryu Suwada Stardate: 861019
Commander Tom Brooks Stardate: 860503
Ensign Korcek Stardate: 861123
Lieutenant Stema Oroxn Stardate: 860503

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