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Star Cross

Awarded by the Commanding Officer in a permanent or acting capacity, in character in the name of Starfleet Command. The Star Cross is Starfleet's third highest achievement award and may be awarded to any in character service member of Starfleet distinguishing themselves by meritorious achievement or service not justifying the award of the Preantares Ribbon of Commendation 1st class.

2386 2387 2388 2389 2390 2391 2392 2393 2394 2397 2399

Recipients of the Star Cross
Commander Lucius Somolek Stardate: 900101
Commander Scott Sutton Stardate: 900218
Lieutenant Jin Ochi Stardate: 900629
Acting Commander Lezaria Creighton Stardate: 900629
Lieutenant Commander Caroline Palmas Stardate: 900629
Captain Tobias Blake Stardate: 900629
Lieutenant Commander William Bowers Stardate: 900629
Captain Justin Lox Stardate: 900629
Lieutenant Commander Alysia Donovan Stardate: 900722
Ensign Thomas Cage Stardate: 900722
Captain Marcus Saladin Stardate: 900903
Lieutenant Commander Zelen Stardate: 900903
Senior Chief Petty Officer Jamie Valbain Stardate: 900903
Warrant Officer Zo Saden Stardate: 900903
Petty Officer Helena Blackwell Stardate: 901002
Lieutenant Commander Llaiir Cha`Tei Stardate: 901008
Lieutenant Commander Jeremiah Chase Stardate: 901016
Lieutenant Commander Serena Qeroth Stardate: 901022
Lieutenant Commander Alexander Graves Stardate: 901220
Lieutenant Commander David Leek Stardate: 901220

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