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Starfleet Commendation

Awarded by the Commanding Officer in a permanent or acting capacity, in character in the name of Starfleet Command. The Starfleet Commendation is Starfleet's fifth highest award for either valor or achievement and may be awarded to any in character service member of Starfleet distinguishing themselves by the personal standards set be the Commanding Officer, in a permanent or acting capacity, of a simulation.

The issuing authority completes the name of the award by determining what the Starfleet Commendation was issued for.
e.g.: Starfleet Commendation for Original Thinking

2386 2387 2388 2389 2390 2391 2392 2393 2394 2395 2397 2398 2399 2402

Recipients of the Starfleet Commendation
Lieutenant Commander April Jackson Stardate: 860731
Commander Makiko Furyama Stardate: 860303
Commander Shonlada Reicha Stardate: 860305
Lieutenant Commander Trellax K`or Stardate: 860226
Ensign Ray Sparks Stardate: 861101
Commander Ryan Foster Stardate: 860729
Commander Diego De La Vega Stardate: 860729
Commander Bob Patterson Stardate: 860729
Commander Shaille Masters Stardate: 860729
Lieutenant Auethann t'Ehhelih Stardate: 860909
Lieutenant Auethann t'Ehhelih Stardate: 861120
Commander Diego De La Vega Stardate: 861210
Commander Chaia Hansen Stardate: 860902
Lieutenant Commander Mark Johnson Stardate: 861209
Lieutenant junior grade Antilles MurKard Stardate: 860516
Lieutenant Stema Oroxn Stardate: 860515
Commander Kyelia Sabok Stardate: 860226

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