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Name: Drake Gates
Status: Active
Serial Number: N/A
Assignment: Unassigned
Position: Entrepreneur
Rank: Civilian
Age: 40
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: February 6th, 2363
Height: 1.8 m
Weight: 77.11 kg
E-mail: --hidden--
Alternate BIO: None listed.

Eye Color: Black Father: MCPO Robert Gates [Deceased]
Hair Color: Black Mother: Teyal Croft [Deceased]
Marital Status: Single Siblings: None
Location of Birth: California Spouse: Anastasia Blake [Deceased]
Planet of Birth: Earth Children: None

Personal History
Stardate 630206 Mother dies while giving birth to Drake
Stardate 630210 MCPO Robert Gates dies from a drug overdose. Existing evidence indicates that it may have been accidental.
Stardate 800906 Attends Havard University majoring in Anthropology
Stardate 820909 Takes Starfleet Academy Entrance Examimnation but fails the psych test
Stardate 840424 Graduates with an Anthropology degree and subsequently pursues a Masters degree
Stardate 850425 Earns Masters of Science in Anthropology and subsequently secures a job on Trill
Stardate 940330 Anastasia Blake dies
Stardate 941114 Wins 50,000 bars of gold-pressed latinum in the Lissepian Lottery
Stardate 950628 Establishes Drake Enterprises which focuses primarily on cargo and personnel transport
Stardate 970701 The Board of Directors dismisses Drake Gates as CEO following an unanimous no confidence vote. The board will later cite irreconcilable difference as the reason the vote was called.
Stardate 970709 Drake receives his severance package as CEO and proceeds to sell all his shareholdings with Drake Enterprises. The move quadruples his liquid assets.
Stardate 970721 Raine, one of Drake's bodyguards, dies in an attack on Drake's limo. Drake survives with multiple wounds.
Stardate 970812 Purchases a full fledged starship from a Ferengi arms dealer. The SS Aventine is part of his effort to demonstrate a show of force to his enemies and ensure his protection
Stardate 980203 Establishes a smaller cargo/personnel transport business under Gates Corporations (GC)
Stardate 980304 Had a number of previous employees join his new business venture including Rebecca Maida
Stardate 991229 GC falls on financially hard times and Drake is forced to scale back on service, cancelling routes, and laying off personnel.
Stardate 000201 In a hostile takeover, GC becomes a subsidiary of another company. Drake receives a severance package and for the time being retires to Earth to ponder his next venture.

Medical History
Stardate 940323 Suffers extensive laceration and burns following a shuttlecraft accident
Stardate 940329 Undergoes medical procedure to replace his entire right arm with a cybernetic arm
Stardate 970721 Drake suffers a multiple compound fractures and lacerations in a car accident involving an IED
Stardate 970812 Treated for injuries and discharged from care.

Transfer History
Stardate 961221 Heads to Paradise IV to assess its suitability as a major operations hub for his company

Character Description Drake comes across as a mysterious individual who only divulges as much information about himself as he needs to. He is also quite competitive and rarely backs down from a fight or challenge. For those few who have been able to get past his tough exterior know him to be warm, passionate, and committed.
Hobbies martial arts, physical training, spacecrafts, archeology, anthropology, ancient civilization
Languages Federation standard, Bajoran, Klingon
Physical Description Drake appears fully human although genetically he is part Vulcan (one-eighth to be precise). He stands at average height with an athletic build stemming from years of intense physical workouts. His entire right arm was severely damaged in a shuttle accident necessitating the need for a cybernetic implant.

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