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Name: Gaia
Status: Active
Serial Number: N/A
Assignment: Unassigned
Position: Chef
Rank: Civilian
Age: 86
Race: El-Aurian
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: January 28th, 2317
Height: 1.55 m
Weight: 55.79 kg
E-mail: --hidden--
Alternate BIO: None listed.

Eye Color: Brown Father:
Hair Color: Blonde Mother:
Marital Status: Married Siblings: Maia (twin), few others (Deceased)
Location of Birth: Spouse: Torin Rian
Planet of Birth: N/A Children: none yet...

Personal History
Stardate 971225 Gaia was married to Torin Rian

Medical History
Stardate 980312 Dr. Murphy and then Dr. Jason Asburn confirmed it a day later that Gaia is pregnant with her first child.
Stardate 980424 Was given a dose of serum for hallucinations from a virus that ran through the colony like a plague. Gaia's hallucinations were related to worm digging through her skin to get to her unborn child.

Character Description Gaia and Maia (her twin) were raised by their grandfather known as Teji but to others he is known as Bazinga. Teji took the twins (approximately age 7 by Terran standard) with him on a trip to one of the newly established Bazinga Establishments during a holiday break from their studies. The Bazinga was geared towards children to have fun. While away on that trip, the unthinkable happened. Their remaining family (Grandmother, Father, Mother & other few siblings) was assimilated by the Borg. Time Frame: This may or may not have been on the El'Aurians home planet. The Borg have assimilated many planets, ships and species. Her grandfather was quite an entrepreneur and started the "Bazinga Establishments" (type of mixed restaurant/bar with games/gambling area perhaps even a holosuite or 2 in some locations. Each is unique hence the "Bazinga") many places while he was a young man. Teji has had many dealing with many species/cultures as he has worked to try and establish a Bazinga every where he has gone. The girls were raised by a nanny (many in fact) of sorts. They were allowed to travel with him to some of the well known Bazinga sites in safe areas. They have a diverse but accepting attitude of others of different types of species and cultures. Each culture/species has added its own flair to each Bazinga Establishment, be it a special food or beverage, that is now a periodic special at each establishment today. These establishments are doing quite well and the twins and their grandfather have never worried about needing funds or fear for their lively hood. Gaia has followed in her grandfathers footsteps, and she has helped run many of the Bazinga Establishments. It is why she is a Chef. She had spent most of her time in the kitchen cooking and learning some of the recipes that are used as part of her duties. Her sister, often handled the management side of things. Gaia realized that she loved to cook and took time away (many years to other humanoids) from the business to gain a better education in that area, on Earth, on Bajor and other planets before heading back into the business. Her grandfather now feels she is ready to have her own establishment and has made arrangements for a Bazinga to be established on Paradise IV. He has put some basics in place. Establishing ownership of the local, taking care of the business side of it. Basics of the building and his thoughts have been started and he has now sent Gaia to make it her own. *** What is Bazinga? Bazinga started as a game type that has become popular among many species, probably much like Dabo from DS9 it is often used as a form of gambling by using a sort of chip that is then able to be converted to whatever form of currency the 'winner' may need. IE: federation credits, Ferengi Latium etc. It (the Bazinga game) is the one constant that is in the restaurant/establishment chain. The chain is on many planets, favored and unfavored by the Federation and perhaps other quadrants of space. Gaia does not really know how vast her grandfathers established 'empire' of Bazinga's are. It is what allows the commerce of the exotic foods that arrive as specials.
Hobbies dessert... and dessert and more desserts...
Languages Terran, El-Aurian As for the rest... well isn't that what the universal translator is for? =)
Physical Description The young El'Aurian is a slender, dark blonde, dark eyed young woman who appears in her early 20's to most Terrans. Driven by the same spirit that drove her grandfather, she is an energetic, driven to succeed in all endeavors. She has a try it, again attitude. Her patience to see things through may make her seem that she is a bit of a perfectionist. She has a natural charismatic smile that seems to put those she deals with at ease. She loves to talk and listen to others as they tell her of their experiences.

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