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Name: Chip Emerson Goodyear XII
Status: Active
Serial Number: N/A
Assignment: Paradise IV
Position: Entrepreneur
Rank: Civilian
Age: 35
Race: Betazoid/Human
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: December 1st, 2367
Height: 1.83 m
Weight: 79.38 kg
E-mail: --hidden--
Alternate BIO: None listed.

Eye Color: Grey Father: Charles Emerson Goodyear XI
Hair Color: Black Mother: Loxell Winafred Goodyear
Marital Status: Single Siblings: Lana Emma Goodyear-Winchester
Location of Birth: Melbourne, Australia Spouse: N/A
Planet of Birth: Earth Children: None

Personal History
Stardate 711210 Chips Dad doesent realize that Chip was asleep under his desk, Chip awakes and pretends to be CEO, until his mother comes to get him.
Stardate 730220 Sister "Lana" is born
Stardate 750615 Mother "Loxell" has miscarriage, it was a boy, due to complications, she is left barren.
Stardate 771201 Chip's parents throw him a lavish, and expensive birthday party, so begins Chip's appetite for all things expensive and over the top.
Stardate 820216 Chip drives his first antique car, so begins his love for very old, original, and expensive cars.
Stardate 830804 Chip is accepted to an Ivy League college, the same one that has a library that bears his last name, and a gymnasium that bears his Fathers companies name. The same one that generations of the Goodyear men attended.
Stardate 871209 Chip graduates with a degree in business management.
Stardate 880415 Chip is accepted into Starfleet Academy.
Stardate 890216 Chip gets into a fist fight with a superior officer, who had been especially hard on Chip, constantly pointing out, that Chip was a spoiled brat.
Stardate 890217 Chip decides, rather than take the slap on the wrist punishment, that Starfleet was not as noble as it prided itself in being, and that it was a waste of his time. Chip, is granted a leave of absence, and never returns.
Stardate 890224 Chip's Dad, informs Chip that he will be VP of R&D for Billiton Mining Company Inc. a position Chip accepts, at first to make his aging Father happy, but later learns to love. So begins his love of his family company, something he never really appreciated before, as all it seemed to do was take time he and his Dad should have been spending together.
Stardate 900117 Chip transfers to be VP of Corporate Affairs & Acquisitions. Chip learns a lot about corporate tactics, a skill he later mastered.
Stardate 910630 Chip is promoted to Executive VP of Billiton Mining Company Inc. Here he works hand and hand with his Dad, their relationship, which had always been cold and distant flourished.
Stardate 910825 Chip's Dad falls ill, doctors inform them that his time left is limited.
Stardate 910901 Chip is appointed Chairman of the Board of Billiton Mining Company Inc. The vote was Split, with the tie vote being cast by a long time ally and family friend, Blake Smith. The vote left a bitter feud lingering between several members of the board, and Chip, specifically Executive Board Member Oliver Quimby.
Stardate 911201 Chip is arrested for assault for hitting a Starfleet Admiral at a Gala for the recently elected President of Starfleets home. Charges were later dropped, and Chip formally apologized.
Stardate 920106 Charles Emerson Goodyear XI dies at his home in the Australian Outback.
Stardate 920107 All mining operation of Billiton Mining Company Inc, ceases for one week of mourning for the late CEO.
Stardate 920714 Chip's sister Lana marries Shipping Tycoon, William Winchester, many tabloids rumor that the deal was financially motivated and encouraged by Chip. Lana seems happy and content, She now goes by Lana Emma Goodyear-Winchester.
Stardate 920915 In a bold and unprecidented move Chip dismisses the current board of directors after an attempted coup of Chip.
Stardate 920916 Chip nominates a new board consisting of his Mother, Sister, and various allies. These appointments are voted on, and accepted by the majority stakeholders in the company, Chip, Loxell, and Lana.
Stardate 921201 Chip hosts a birthday bash for himself, that afterwords becomes the talk of Earth. Anyone who was anyone was there.
Stardate 930113 Chip was arrested for trespassing at a French Diplomats home. According to the report, the Politician came home to find Chip and his wife in bed together. Later charges were dropped, when the French President encouraged his colleague to do so. Years later it was revealed in a tell all book that the wife had many a lover, including the then French President.
Stardate 930808 Chip skillfully engages in a successful corporate take over of 3 rival mining companies, all in one wek.
Stardate 931120 Billiton posts a record annual profit increase of 50% over the previous year.
Stardate 931229 Galaxy's Fortune magazine names Chip CEO of the year for his company's record growth, the magazine states that while Billiton's profit was a factor in its decision, what really stood out in their investigation was how well employees were treated.
Stardate 940215 At a mining summit on Risa, Chip announces the acquisition of two rival mining companies.
Stardate 940217 At a mining summit wrap up meeting, Chip is the closing speaker, he announces the development of a revolutionary new method for drilling on extra hard surfaced planets, this technology labor costs, and increase machine efficiency significantly.
Stardate 940218 An assassination attempt against Chip and his mother is foiled by Billiton security forces, this serves as a wake up call, in this growing company people would try and stop that growth, therefore Chip increases the budget of security by 175%, thereby creating one of the best private security forces currently in service. Later this security force would become a separate line of business for Billiton.
Stardate 940604 Chip appoints Divoks (Pronounced Die-Vox) Son of Atul, of the Planet Klingon head of security.
Stardate 940801 Sister Lana gives birth to son Annanias Charles Winchester, Chip heads for Earth to meet his nephew.
Stardate 940802 The transport ship carrying Chip to Earth is sabatoged by a member of the crew, causing it to lose power, Chip and crew are taken hostage by members of the Ferengi, while being held Chip learns of Divoks rich heritage, and the two become close friends.
Stardate 940809 Billion Security track down the Ferengi ship before they can deliver Chip to whomever hired them, the investigation continues into this matter. Chip is free and only slightly wounded.
Stardate 940901 Following the infiltration of a saboteur aboard his company's ship Chip establishes Billiton Intelligence, which is a division of Billiton Security. Again many marvel at the creation of this top notch division.
Stardate 941030 Arrested for violating Spacedock protocols, when Chip became impatient, and ignored the Spacedock controllers commands. Chip ended up damaging his prized shuttle when His ship was fired upon by Spacedock security. Formal charges were later dropped, and Chip agreed to repair his own shuttle. A stern reprimand followed.
Stardate 950106 In Honor of his late Father, Chip and Billiton Mining establish a charity group to be headed up by his Mother Loxell.
Stardate 960106 Chip establishes a endowment for children of Mining Colonies, this endowment will help them receive the best education, and ensure they have a chance at every opportunity in life.

Medical History
Stardate 671201 Charles "Chip" Goodyear is born in Melbourne, Australis
Stardate 720813 While playing at one of the mining colonies his Dad was visiting Chip falls down the mine shaft, and suffers multiple broken bones. This is the first time Chip realized just how powerful his Telepathy was.
Stardate 780705 Chip is treated for burns, he was fascinated with an antique colt revolver his grandfather had. Chip not knowing any better decided he was a cowboy. The gun subsequently exploded in his hand.
Stardate 921202 Chip is treated for a concussion after getting drunk, and falling off a balcony.
Stardate 940809 Chip is treated for minor wounds and dehydration after being captured
Stardate 970623 Chip loses a finger when he is kidnapped by the Orion Syndicate. Doctors are able to give him a replacement finger, a mechanical one.

Character Description Charles "Chip" Emerson Goodyear XII comes from a very long line of wealthy mining magnates. His family took over several companies in the late 21st century, and has been growing ever since. The company is one of the largest mining companies in the federation systems. And while Starfleet and the Billiton mining company seem to have a good working relationship, Billiton does not always do things the Starfleet way. Which has lead to them butting heads on occasion, but disagreement is not always bad for buisness.

Chip was born on 12/1/2367 the Son of Charles Emerson Goodyear XI and Loxell Winafred, like his father, and grandfathers before he was raised in the corporate setting, learning the ropes of running the company, before he knew about the birds and the bees. When his Dad passed away five years ago, Chip stepped into his shoes, and has since nearly doubled the already huge mining company. Chip has always had a vision of growth, he worked hard to secure the regions they were already in, but now its time to step into the farther reaches of space. Billition has already had a foothold on Paradise IV, but when the Regional VP of Billition was kidnapped and being held for ransom by an obscure faction on Paradise IV, Chip decided to take the planet on for himself, he didint do well with his employees being harrased or mistreated.

When Chip arrived on Paradise IV, he and his security force located and secured his regional VP, and as soon as he was free he allowed him to go to a much more secure location to run a operation. With his underling dispatched Chip began reviewing the logs of the operation. Some contracts were in place, but new ones were needed and soon. Chip has his work cut out for him, this planet is already abuzz with companies trying to get a bigger piece of the pie that is Paradise IV.

Chip has never had time for love, but has had plenty of romantic encounters in his day. Perhaps one day he will meet the right one, and father the next heir to Billition Mining Corp. The galaxy has been Chip's oyster for some time, ripe for the picking. Now, he will get his hands dirty, finally out of the board room.
Hobbies Millionaire playboy, Corporate Tycoon, Philantrapist, Soccer, Work hard, play harder, Martial Arts, Firearms (Classic & Modern), Piloting Fast Spacecraft, Driving antique cars.
Languages Federation Standard, Klingon, Feringi, Gaelic, Betazoid, French, Cardassian, Modern Vulcan, Bajoran, Romulan, and English
Nicknames Charles Goes by Chip, Charles was his Dads name.

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