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Name: Roger MacBride
Status: Active
Serial Number: 681-RMMRC-625L
Assignment: Unassigned
Position: Operations Manager
Rank: Ensign
Age: 41
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: August 6th, 2362
Height: 1.86 m
Weight: 97.52 kg
E-mail: --hidden--
Alternate BIO: None listed.

Eye Color: Green Father: Unknown
Hair Color: Red Mother: Unknown
Marital Status: Single Siblings: Unknown
Location of Birth: Unknown. He was found abandoned on earth Spouse: NONE
Planet of Birth: Earth Children: NONE

Personal History
Stardate 910816 Secretly engaged to Ms. Francis Eduardo
Stardate 911010 Engagment to Ms. Francis Eduardo ended

Medical History
Stardate 940224 Admitted to psychiatric ward for 2 months for reasons undisclosed

Promotion History
Stardate 970314 Graduation from the Academy

Awards & Commendations
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Stardate 970723 Preantares Ribbon of Commendation, Second Class
For your ingenuity and resourcefulness in working upon Sirius 12, you kept Federation technology safe, helped the civilians of the Nississi and Musharak people creatively solve many of their problems and produced some clever solutions to difficult problems.
Stardate 980101 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 980217 Preantares Ribbon of Commendation, Second Class
For your actions in locating the fugitive Shania Neasau.
Stardate 980610 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 981220 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin

Transfer History
Stardate 930915 Entered the academy
Stardate 970413 Assigned to USS Tempest

Character Description The history of MacBride is not known for the early years. As an orphan he became a ward of the state. Thus he grew up in foster homes and was then given the opportunity to attend the academy. He managed to pass all the engineering courses, but did not distinguish himself in any way. Because of his upbringing he eschews close relationships. He will avoid being alone with women. He likes the holodeck where he feels safe. He does not consider StarFleet his final destination, and dreams of someday having his own ship and flying off to find a quiet place to live out his days. But he knows he has a lot to learn and so he diligently performs his duty, even if he is not passionate about it.
Hobbies Loves to create very detailed simulations in the holodeck.
Languages Federation Common
Physical Description Regular build with no tatoos or distinguishing scars
Nicknames His friends used to call him "Bride" before he went to the Academy, but he always hated the name and has told no one in the hopes it will never be used again.

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