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Name: Morio Lenaris
Status: Active
Serial Number: 6H1-MLBAJ-215U
Assignment: Unassigned
Position: Chief of Security
Rank: Acting Lieutenant
Age: 32
Race: Bajoran
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: March 14th, 2371
Height: 1.89 m
Weight: 98.79 kg
E-mail: --hidden--
Alternate BIO: None listed.

Eye Color: Green Father: Lenaris Boral
Hair Color: Brown Mother: Lenaris Nian
Marital Status: Single Siblings: None
Location of Birth: U.S.S. Hudson Spouse: N/A
Planet of Birth: N/A Children: None

Personal History
Stardate 730606 First time being on a planet. Morio can't recall the time, but his parents insist he was quite cranky for the duration of their shore leave.
Stardate 760512 Visit's Bajor for the first time.
Stardate 831010 Starts to reject the wormhole aliens as gods. His mother sends him to live on Bajor with her sister.
Stardate 960228 While on an away mission, an argument between Morio and Cmdr. Emery, XO of USS Parker, escalates. Neither officer can really recall who threw the first punch. Both earn a reprimanded.
Stardate 970302 Official reprimand for insubordination. Relieved of duties.
Stardate 970317 Court-Martialed for insubordination. The court found Morio guilty of insubordination, but his actions led to the USS Parker avoiding serious damage, and thus able to complete her mission.
Stardate 970409 Returns to duty aboard USS Parker, security department.

Medical History
Stardate 710314 Born to Starfleet officer Lenaris Boral and his wife Nian aboard the USS Hudson.
Stardate 940215 Contracts Temecklian virus. After some medication and rest, Morio is fine with no lingering affects.
Stardate 971101 Fractured right fibula during an away mission.
Stardate 980704 Phaser wound to right arm on a mission to rescue Rose Blake, daughter of Captain Blake.
Stardate 980704 Suffered a concussion, either during a fire fight on planet or on board the shuttle. Morio can't quite recall when he banged his head.

Promotion History
Stardate 940628 Graduated Starfleet Academy, commissioned as Ensign.
Stardate 950126 Promoted to helmsman, Alpha shift aboard USS Parker.
Stardate 980331 Promoted to rank of Acting Lieutenant.

Transfer History
Stardate 940801 Transferred to USS Parker, as helmsmen on night shift.
Stardate 960408 Transfers to the security department aboard USS Parker.
Stardate 980217 Transferred to USS Tremaine, 14th Fleet, as Chief of Security.

Character Description Lenaris Morio was born March 14, 2371 aboard the USS Hudson. His father, Boral, was a science officer and his mother, Nian, a civilian liaison with the ship's anthropology department.

Morio had not been on a planet until he was two years of age. An experience that his parents recall being unpleasant. However this first experience did not deter the young Bajoran. As he grew up, he became quite fond of visiting new worlds and new people.

After the USS Hudson had an encounter with a being that possessed 'divine powers' and demanded to be worshiped, Morio began to question the Bajoran Prophets. Wondering if they too were just aliens with powers that mortal minds couldn't understand, so they named them gods. It was around this time that he stopped praying to them, and quit wearing his earring. This drove a wedge between his mother and him, while his father was more understanding.

Morio was sent to live with his aunt, on his mother's side, on Bajor. His parents, mostly his mother, were concerned that he was losing his cultural identity. Morio loved the time he spent on his home world. He spent as much time as he could visiting historical sights, gaining a better understanding of the Bajoran language, and learning his peoples culture and history. However, he would not re-accept the wormhole aliens as gods. After a couple of years Morio returned to live with his parents aboard his father's new posting, the USS Sidney where Boral served as XO.

Morio enjoyed being with his parents again, however he did not enjoy the responsibility of being the exec's son. His father would enforce a stricter lifestyle then Morio was used to after being so free on Bajor. About this time Morio began exhibiting some behavior that would go on to define him, such as his rebellious nature towards authority figures. Though he never got into to much trouble, he found himself getting sat down by his parents quite a bit.

Morio eventually decided on a career with Starfleet. At the Academy, the young Bajoran made friends and enemies quickly enough. Both with fellow students and the instructors. In his second year he began a relationship with a third year cadet named Christina, one of his instructors daughters. In his third year, Morio and a group of cadets including Christina, were involved in an altercation off planet. At the disciplinary hearing Morio was un-apologetic about the incident. Claiming he and his fellow cadets were in the right. A simple hearing turned into a heated disussion with Morio storming out. After a lengthy review Morio was almost held back, but due to testimony from Christina's father and another instructor, Morio just received a 'slap on the wrist'.

Morio began his last year at the Academy, while Christina left to report to her first post. The young couple began a long distance relationship. During his last year Morio decided to focus on navigation, wanting to one day become a helmsman.

After graduation Morio requested his first post on the same ship as Christina. There was no open postings on her ship, so Morio accepted transfer to the USS Parker, to serve as night shift helmsman. After a few months Morio and Christina decided the distance and time apart was too much at such a young age, and mutually broke up. The two remaining good friends to the present.

After six months aboard the USS Parker, Morio was brought onto Alpha shift as helmsman. While not a promotion in rank, Morio felt it a promotion none-the-less. However, after a short while of what he felt was not being recognized he began butting heads with the ship's XO, Cmdr. Emery. While on an away mission to secure a Federation outpost on Trionis 6, Morio and Cmdr. Emery disagreed with how to carry out the mission. Again, what started out as a simple disagreement, lead to the two officers getting into a heated debate, which led to a physical fight. Neither one would admit to throwing the first punch, and both were reprimanded. This would lead to a long and unpleasant working relationship between the two.

During a tactical encounter on Stardate 970302, Morio scoffed at Cmdr. Emery's order and executed a different maneuver. It ended up sparing the ship more damage, but damaged his own career. Morio was relieved of duty. He feared not the reprimand that the captain would give him, but of having to tell his father, now the captain of the USS Sidney.

Morio spent the next month, while the USS Parker finished the mission and returning to starbase, contemplating his future. He put serious thought into leaving Starfleet, however his friend Lt. Haddock, chief of security on the USS Parker, convinced him to stay. After his court-martial, where he was found guilty of insubordination but through those actions prevented the ship from getting damaged, he returned to duty aboard the USS Parker, now transferred to the security department.

Morio enjoyed his new position, coming to it quote naturally. He also really enjoyed not having to see Cmdr. Emery everyday. However during a performance review Lt. Haddock made it clear that while Cmdr. Emery was the ship's XO, Morio would not see a promotion or advancement. Shortly after this Morio began to start requesting transfers. After a few months one of Morio's transfers was approved, he was excited to be getting a fresh start on a new ship, the USS Tremaine.


Morio can come off as cocky. However he isn't over-confident, and is aware he is far from the most disciplined officer. He is more than capable of following orders however he likes to do things his way, which he is almost always sure is the proper and better way. Morio has an aversion to asking for assistance when he is out of his league, unless the situation is desperate. He has a strong commitment to his friends, fellow crew, and to the mission he is assigned.

Morio doesn't display any animosity towards Cardassians, as he is too young to have experienced the occupation of Bajor and perhaps because of his upbringing on a Starfleet vessel.

Never one to be shy, Morio isn't afraid to speak his mind, sometimes going too far. If he feels he is right, then he will fight for it with little regard for the consequences.

Hobbies Morio likes to collect weapons from different cultures whether it's a Vulcan ceremonial dagger, or a Klingon Bat'leth.

Sports. Morio is fond of playing spring ball. His time at the academy introduced him to many Terran sports that he became fond of. Ice Hockey and snowboarding being his two favorite. He is also quite fond of skydiving, orbital or standard.

Morio has a rather strange collection of rocks from many of the planets he has visited. The collection started when his parents first took him on a family holiday. It was Morio's first time on a planet and his mother found a rock she found pretty. From then on, when Morio visits a planet, he tries to find a pretty and unique rock to add to his collection. Sadly, due to some missions, he isn't always able to.

Languages - English (Fluent)

- Bajoran (Fluent)

- Cardassian (Fluent)

- French (Some)

- Vulcan (Some)

- Klingon (Little, mostly inappropriate)

Physical Description Morio is of average height for a Bajoran, and has a muscular build. He works out every morning to maintain his shape. He has nose ridges, as all Bajorns. He keeps his dark brown hair short, and usually styled in a 'faux-hawk'. A style he picked up at the Academy. Morio has dark green eyes, which can be intimidating when he is not in a good mood.

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