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Name: Thanx
Status: Active
Serial Number: 6K1-TXMRC-4F5R
Assignment: USS Tempest
Position: Operations Manager
Rank: Lieutenant junior grade
Age: 35
Race: Talaxian
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: June 8th, 2368
Height: 1.76 m
Weight: 99.79 kg
E-mail: --hidden--
Alternate BIO: None listed.

Eye Color: Yellow Father: Thanx (dedeased)
Hair Color: Red Mother: Branaxi (deceased)
Marital Status: Single Siblings: none
Location of Birth: Talaxian freighter (Triveneax), approx 30k ly from Talaxian Spouse: none
Planet of Birth: Unknown Children: none

Personal History
Stardate 680608 Thanx was born on the Talaxian asteroid colony
Stardate 751004 Thanx disappears when he 'runs away from home' after Baxwani, his grandfather, dies of natural causes. A three day, colony wide search finds him holed up in a hollow behind the water purification systems. The garbage and belongings in the small hollow make it evident he went there often.
Stardate 820213 Thanx is allowed to remain aboard the freighter Triveneax during an emergency trading mission to Brimdeen.
Stardate 830419 A Federation ship arrives unannounced and assists the colony with repelling the attacking mining consortium. The Federation Ambassador remains with the colony when the Federation ship departs.
Stardate 840801 Thanx and friends learn of Graviton Catapult technology.
Stardate 850117 Colony's Council approves the building of Nixtix's portable Catapult and construction beings.
Stardate 871203 The Talaxian Freighter Triveneax, equiped with the Graviton Catapult, departs the colony
Stardate 880116 Six weeks into their journey the Graviton Catapult catastrophically fails, stranding them adrift in space.
Stardate 900313 After nearly fourteen months adrift in space they were found on edge of Beta Quadrant by the USS Further.
Stardate 920805 Thanx enters Starfleet Academy and stays 6yrs, not for extra studying of any specialized subject, but because he had so many classes he wanted to take.

Medical History
Stardate 710520 Trapped with several other children while exploring newly excavated tunnels in their asteroid home Thanx sustains serious injuries including eleven broken bones in his legs and feet in the cave-in. During his recovery Thanx is unable to walk for nearly two months and does so with a slight limp ever after.
Stardate 900505 After being adrift in space Thanx spends nearly two months in medical rehab (subsequently, looses limp)
Stardate 980909 During the Tempest and Orion's assult of the rogue SI base Thanx is hit in the shoulder by a high energy weapon, destroying nerve cluster and leaving his arm immobile for several weeks.

Promotion History
Stardate 921007 Graduates Starfleet, Rank Ensign
Stardate 980603 Starfleet Commendation for Ingenuity and Creativity during the Caldikian Mission
Stardate 990309 Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Awards & Commendations
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Stardate 980609 Starfleet Commendation
For your ingenuity and creativity in solving and proposing a possible long term solution to the triple star supernova.

Transfer History
Stardate 980301 Assigned to USS Tempest, Science Officer
Stardate 990309 Reassigned to Operations Officer, USS Tempest.

Character Description History/Bio

Fleeing Talax shortly after its moon Rinax was decimated by the Haakonian Order's Metreon Cascade, Branaxi, huddled with her husband and grandfather on the overly crowded freighter known as the Triveneax. The Triveneax, along with five other Talaxian freighters, were packed with refugees fleeing from the war. Their destination was unknown, and their only plans were to get as far away from the decades long fighting as possible. The convoy settled on an uninhabited continent on the planet Phanos, but their stay was short lived and the Talaxians left shortly after. The group eventually found an asteroid belt and decided to hollow one of the larger rocks and settled in. In their second year of excevation Branaxi's husband was killed in a gas pocket explosion; leaving her widowed and pregnant. Four months later she gave birth to a boy whom she named Thanx, after her husband.

An inquisitive child, Thanx spent many hours of his youth with several friends in one of the lesser used cargo holds looking out a small porthole window into space. The children couldn't understand why the grown-ups of the colony didn't want to head out and explore. When Thanx's studies of Talaxian history showed him that his people used to travel far and wide it only made his wanderlust grow.

Beyond his general studies while growing up, Thanx swallowed up every bit of information he could find in the colony's databases concerning other races, planets, and life in general outside their secluded colony. Beyond general studies, Thanx excelled at stellar cartography and at fourteen was even allowed to officially name several of the constellations visible from the various porthole windows around the colony. He was a quick learner when it came to mechanical engineering and was assigned to a electrical sustaining maintanance crew where he learned basic engineering and electrical design techniques. Since the colony didn't have visitors or any sort of trading with outsiders, and because all of their systems were designed from used starship parts, the crews were continually repairing and redesigning systems throughout the colony. Whe he was just fifteen he's reassigned to the Freighter Triveneax Sustaining Crew where he, along with 4 others, were responsible for maintaining the continual flight readiness of the colony's one remaining freighter. He was the youngest member of the crew by several years. Since they rarely traveled, it is an uneventful job but Thanx revels in it as its his first access to a real starship. Soon he's spending more time on the ship than his quarters as he learned everything he could about the freighter.

You may think this all makes him sound like the quiet loner type, but while he does value quiet studying time, he also took nearly every evening meal with his mother, or is with her and his friends in the dining hall. If there's one thing every Talaxian loves, it's a good meal and a good story. If there's two things that every Talaxian loves, it's a good mean and a good story, and Thanx was no exception.

Thanx never fully trained to become a pilot, but because of his Sustaining Crew status he was allowed to stay aboard the Triveneax during a rare supply run to the planet Brimdeen in a nearby star system. An outbreak of Phrenebian Spores destroyed three quarters of the colony's food supplies and necessitated the trip. Several times in the past the Telaxians had traded with the Brim and dispite the Talaxian's xenophobic nature, the transaction went smooth and the freighter was soon back at the colony with enough supplies to carry them over until the next harvesting. Though the need for it had been great, it had been a simple mission with no reported incidents. But for Thanx, it was the day that changed everything. It was the first time Thanx had been on an actual planet. The first thing he noticed was the heavier gravity, and the breeze! Other than if you stood in the elevator shaft back in the colony, you never felt a breeze. Oh and what a breeze it was, for it was laced with a thousand new smells; smells of nature, of animals and plants never dreamed of, of earth and water, everywhere around him. Nothing however had prepared him for when they entered the city... it was overwhelming, it was scary, it was beautiful, it was everything he'd read about, only these weren't Talaxians around him, they were another species! So many similarities alongside so much uniqueness! Thanx was lost in a revelry of thought for days after. It was also when he realized that no matter how much he loved his friends and family in the colony, he would eventually have to leave, to travel, to explore, and to experience.

Two years later the colony was again threatened, this time by a mining consortium wanting to demolish their asteroid for the minerals in its rock. It was the unexpected arrival of a Federation ship and their Ambassador, another Talaxian, that marked his second life altering moment. Every evening after the Ambassador's arrival on the colony, everyone would gather in the dining hall and listen to one of his never ending supply of stories. Thanx and his friends learned not only of the Ambassador's adventures, but also of the people aboard the starship and the Federation to which they belonged. The young Talaxians were enthralled, to say the least, but none more than Thanx. Memories of his few short hours on Brimdeen continually flashed in his thoughts as each day the isolated colony seemed to grow smaller and smaller in his mind. The Federation seemed Brimdeen's city times eleventy-billion (an actual Talaxian number)... he was hooked. After talking with several friends it was obvious he wasn't the only one feeling the draw of travel, and all agreed that given the chance, the Federation would be their destination.

One night several months later, while sitting in the dining hall with his friends, when one of the Ambassador's adventures mentioned technology that he called a 'Graviton Catapult' Thanx noticed his friend Naxtix perk up. Later, when the evening was winding down, Naxtix motioned to Thanx and their other friends to follow him as he went to talk with the Ambassador about the catapult. The Ambassador was impressed they were so interested in alien technology and even offered to download the schematics and data of the catapult so they could "really dive in there!" Three months later Naxtix found Thanx in the cargo hold of the Triveneax and explained how he'd worked out a way to build a portable Graviton Catapult that wouldn't have to be left behind when a ship jumps. He shows Thanx schematics of a Catapult that could be built within the Talaxian freighter itself. The power generators would take up the entire cargohold, but several people would be comfortable in the crew area. Gathering their friends they took their proposal and went straight to the leaders of the colony. Their plans were summarily rejected.

Two weeks later, and without explaination, they were unexpectedly given the go ahead by the council to begin construction of the Catapult. They suspected the Ambassador had a hand in changing the council's decision. Six months later they launched on what was originally scheduled to be a test jump a short ways out and then back again. Unbeknownst to the colony, the six crewmen aboard, Thanx, Nixtix, and four other friends had no plans of turning back. Their first jump brought them three years closer to Federation space. By their calculations, they had thirteen more jumps ahead of them and quickly set about resetting the catapult for the next. On the ninth jump, when they returned to normal space, they discovered that the external Graviton generator ring hadn't retracted and had been lost in nullspace. The catapult took a large portion of their standard propulsion system as well as their communications array. After six months adrift in space it's obvious the ship was beyond repair. They had enough provisions to last over a year if necessary but at eight months in they begin to ration their supplies.

After nearly fourteen months adrift in space they were found on edge of Beta Quadrant by the deep space exploration vessel USS Further. The young Talaxians spend nearly two months in medical rehab (subsequently, looses limp), and then two months following that being debriefed by Starfleet. All six Talaxians are eventually granted provisional Federation citizen status and allowed to travel freely. For a time the six stay together, but eventually each took off on their own adventures. Thanx and Naxtix were the last two together until Nax decided to try and enter the Vulcan Science Academy and Thanx deciding on Starfleet Academy where he eventually stayed 6yrs, not for extra studying of any specialized subject(s), but because he had so many subjects he wanted to learn. He graduated in the top 20% of his class, barely, but excelled at Stellar Cartography and Astrosciences; receiving highest honors in both.

Hobbies Cooking, Kadis-kot, reading, exploring
Languages Talaxian, Federation Standard
Physical Description ...this part coming soon, but suffice to say, Thanx is outgoing and friendly, level headed and attentive...balanced with a ferocious loyalty and unique insight.
Nicknames none

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