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Name: Noelle Aqila Khorey
Status: Active
Serial Number: 6K1-NKHUM-8F5Y
Assignment: USS Herald
Position: Science Officer
Rank: Lieutenant
Age: 28
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: October 30th, 2375
Height: 1.6764 m
Weight: 62.14 kg
E-mail: --hidden--
Alternate BIO: None listed.

Eye Color: Grey Father: Andrew (56)
Hair Color: Black Mother: Charlotte (53)
Marital Status: Single Siblings: Matthew (27), Aaron (25), Catherine (12), Rachel (12)
Location of Birth: Massachusetts Spouse:
Planet of Birth: Earth Children:

Personal History
Stardate 751030 Noelle is born in Boston, Massachusetts on Earth
Stardate 780820 Noelle moves with her family from Earth due to her father's job relocating him to a border planet.
Stardate 851107 Noelle's father is arrested and sent to prison for two years for theft.
Stardate 881010 Noelle and her family return to Earth.
Stardate 911117 Noelle causes an accident in the science lab at her high school back on Earth that results in the destruction of a beaker, a Bunsen burner, a portion of the lab table and chemical burns to 4 people.
Stardate 930602 Noelle graduates from high school and receives a fetal pig in a jar from her former Science teacher as a gift; she names the pig Oinky
Stardate 930903 Noelle enters Starfleet Academy in pursuit of a career in the Science field.
Stardate 970507 Noelle graduates from Starfleet Academy.
Stardate 990717 Noelle and Lt. Commander Bethan Callahan are present at the hatching of two manspider specimens in the Science lab of the USS Orion, becoming unofficial parents to the creatures and naming them Sinclair and Frances.

Promotion History
Stardate 970508 Noelle is awarded the rank of Ensign after graduating from Starfleet Academy.
Stardate 000308 Noelle is awarded the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade by Captain Robyn Aleris and accepts the position of Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Orion.
Stardate 020219 Noelle is awarded the rank of Lieutenant by Captain Tori Lake.

Awards & Commendations
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Stardate 990914 Starfleet Commendation
For efforts in evacuating the USS Grant
Stardate 020219 Preantares Ribbon of Commendation, Second Class
For your actions in trying to determine the nature of the Anomaly and then in getting us back from the alternate reality

Transfer History
Stardate 980630 Noelle is assigned to the USS Orion as a Science officer.
Stardate 980812 Served as Bridge Science Officer during a joint mission with the crew of the USS Tempest
Stardate 010317 Noelle transfers to the USS Hearld from the USS Orion, accepting the position of Science Officer.

Character Description Noelle is considered intelligent and a quick study when it comes to learning new skills, but is also a little clumsy at times and has a tendency to get nervous around superior officers, but not to the point where it affects her performance. Noelle was born in Massachusetts on Earth, and when she was a small child, her family moved to an outlying border planet due to her father's job as a private security contractor. When Noelle was 10, her father was arrested for stealing food to help feed his growing family and served two years in prison. Because of this being common knowledge, Noelle was often teased in school and at the academy and did not have many friends growing up, preferring to keep to herself. When Noelle was 16 years old, she caused an accident in her high school science lab that injured 4 people and destroyed a Bunsen burner, a beaker, and a portion of the lab table. Her teacher had brought a newly purchased fetal pig into the classroom, and Noelle, completely distracted by the novelty of the pig, abandoned the beaker of water she was boiling to go look at the pig, adding a final compound before she left. With nobody available to turn down the temperature of the Bunsen burner, the beaker overheated and exploded, sending glass flying throughout the room and causing chemical burns to 3 of her classmates and a student teacher. The explosion also sent some of the glass into the burner itself, causing the burner to stop operating and what water/chemical mixture did not cause burns caused the top of the lab table to melt and become unusable. When Noelle graduated from high school, her science teacher gave her the fetal pig as a gift and a gentle teasing reminder of the incident. Noelle considers the pig to be her good luck charm and named the pig Oinky Noelle has four siblings: two older brothers, and younger twin sisters who her mother was pregnant with at the time of her father's arrest. Her father is retired, as is her mother, who was a music teacher and passed her love of music down to all five of her children.
Hobbies Noelle enjoys listening to music and reading in her spare time, and also playing the occasional game with colleagues when invited.
Languages English, French, Arabic
Physical Description Noelle is of medium height, slender build with some curves, long black hair and soft grey eyes
Nicknames Noley

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