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Name: Maxwell (Max) Whelan
Status: Active
Serial Number: 6L1-MWHUM-005Z
Assignment: Unassigned
Position: Engineer
Rank: Ensign
Age: 27
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: January 1st, 2376
Height: 1.93 m
Weight: 83.92 kg
E-mail: --hidden--
Alternate BIO: None listed.

Eye Color: Green Father:
Hair Color: Red Mother:
Marital Status: Complicated Siblings:
Location of Birth: Turkana IV Spouse:
Planet of Birth: Turkana IV Children:

Character Description Biography: Max Whelan DOB: 12 September 2367 Home Planet: Turkana IV Mother: Kaya Ray Father: ADM Keith Whelan Other Family LT Joss Whelan (Half Brother) SGT Samantha Whelan (Half Sister) Sio Ray (Half Brother) Max was born on the war torn planet Turkana IV. The product of a short term affair between then-Captain Keith Whelan and a Coalition soldier named Kaya Ray, he was raised with his mother until he was thirteen. By that time he'd shown a prodigal knack for computers, and was already working alongside his mother for the Coalition. Until that point his contributions consisted mostly of hacking into Alliance computers and stealing information that his cohorts could use against the other faction but Max wanted more. He wanted to fight like his mother and older brother Sio. Sio was eighteen by that time, and already in another cell but Kaya wanted more for her young son than a life spent in the trenches of Turkana's seemingly never ending civil war. Kaya reached out to the boy's father, now an Admiral in Starfleet. She hadn't had any contact with him in the almost fourteen years that they'd been apart, and had never informed him that she'd been pregnant when he left the planet shorty after their affair. Whelan agreed to take the boy in and brought him to Earth to live with him. Max never wanted to leave Turkana IV, and he was never really happy living on Earth until he found a group of kids that called themselves 1101. With them, the teen felt as though he was finally a part of something again, as he had been with the Coalition on Turkana. To those outside the group they were nothing more than a group of geeky kids that were too into computers and holo-gaming. But there was more. The group was financed by an Orion privateer that paid them to steal information from Starfleet. Whether it was deployment charts that allowed his ships to sneak past patrols, or Security reports that kept him and his fellows one step ahead of criminal investigations. When he was barely eighteen, Max was sent off world to drop off a packet of stolen ship schematics when he and the two others he was with were apprehended by the USS Comanche. The ship's Commanding Officer, a former computer geek himself, saw something in him and spoke on his behalf at th trial. Given his testimony, and his father's position in the Admiralty, he was offered a choice. Starfleet Academy... or the penal colony in New Zealand. He chose Starfleet. Max spent the next four years at the Academy where he majored in Computer Science and advanced Software engineering. It wasn't a smooth ride to be sure, and he was nearly sent packing a few times in the first two years. But he graduated, and was given a commission. The Captain that spoke up on his behalf followed his academy career and when he graduated, was able to get him assigned to a ship with an old friend of his in the Gamma Quadrant. PERSONALITY PROFILE by CMDR Thomas Sangrin - CDT Whelan has great potential, but is raw. While his knowledge of Starfleet systems and mechanics is among the best in his class, he's held back. He's stubborn, openly defiant, and he lacks the discipline needed to advance in Starfleet. I recommend that he be placed under a strong commanding officer that can sand off some of the chip he seems to carry on his shoulder.

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