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Name: Tegan Crystal McLellen
Status: Active
Serial Number: 6M1-HUM-6E60
Assignment: USS Tempest
Position: Counsellor
Rank: Ensign
Age: 26
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: August 18th, 2377
Height: 1.7 m
Weight: 68 kg
E-mail: --hidden--
Alternate BIO: None listed.

Eye Color: Green Father: Alexander
Hair Color: Blonde Mother: Jewel
Marital Status: Single Siblings:
Location of Birth: Remote West Virginia Spouse:
Planet of Birth: Earth Children:

Personal History
Stardate 770818 Born in New Bluefield West Virginia to Alexander and Jewell McLellan.
Stardate 790321 Alexander and Jewell McLellan are assigned to mining colony on unknown planet to assist natives with catastrophic failures to equipment. Jewell is asked to act as ambassador to ascertain populace's desire to join Federation. Baby Tegan brought along.
Stardate 820901 Tegan enrolled in local school with "Sensitives" children. Had several disciplinary exercises assigned due to talkative nature.
Stardate 821030 Great-grandmother Pearl dies on Earth. Tegan's family unable to attend. Tegan, heartbroken closes up and doesn't speak for 2 months. Her teacher finally reaches her and teaches her communication through body language.
Stardate 860506 First crush with Sensitive boy Rny. They become inseperable.
Stardate 910204 First in a series of severe earthquakes begins. Alexander and his crew find faults in planetary core that is quickly becoming catastrophic. Jewell begins series of distress calls to Federation for assistance in planet-wide evacuation.
Stardate 910503 First of transport ships arrive and mass exodus begins. Alexander and his crew working feverishly to stem the failures.
Stardate 910515 Planet attacked by Romulan fleet. Jewell and Alexander acquire safe passage for Tegan and Rny to earth. On way to ship, Rny is killed and Tegan's parents disappear. Tegan is forced on ship by locals and sent home.
Stardate 910928 Arriving on Earth, Tegan is taken in by her Aunt Deliah. Refusing to speak, Deliah takes Tegan with her to her offices, where Tegan learns to assist her Aunt in helping her traumatized patients.
Stardate 920606 Graduates high school and enrolls in college, majoring in Psychology. Wants to assist Aunt as Counselor.
Stardate 960611 Graduates college with Psychology major, minor in Communications. Tegan feels desire to join Starfleet Academy in order to find parents.
Stardate 960801 Enrolled in Starfleet Academy, Tegan is exceptional student and majors in Psychology
Stardate 990304 Graduates Starfleet Academy and awaits first assignment. Spends time with Aunt and family in West Virginia.
Stardate 990407 Receives first assignment as Ship's Counselor on Tempest under Captain Saladin.
Stardate 990805 First away mission

Medical History
Stardate 830420 While visiting father at work, a Tippler explodes. Tegan is deafened for several days, and is left with permanent tinnitus.
Stardate 840427 Hospitalized with severe headaches. Fluid is extracted from inner ear and lining around brain. It was theorized this was caused at explosion the previous year. Tegan's hearing becomes highly sensitized to high pitch sound, but is many times hidden by tinnitus.
Stardate 991213

Character Description Tegan was born in one of the few remote areas left in West Virginia. Her father, Alexander McLellen, was a mining engineer to a new colony to assist the inhabitants to become part of the Federation. Her mother, Jewel McLellen was an ambassador, who worked with the people there to establish a solid communications foundation. These people were Sensitives, and rarely used spoken word to communicate. Instead, they relied on body language and the subtle nuances of movement. Tegan’s formative years were happily spent among the children of the colony and learned the habits and communication skills of her peers. For years, the McLellen family lived peacefully with the colony. Tegan flourished, but became naturally quiet compared to her Earth kin. Introspective and observant, she began to feel more in tune with the colonists than with any of the off-world visitors that came by. As Tegan was nearing her teens, the colony began experiencing seismic fluctuations. Alexander and his crew found a major fault that would decimate the entire continent and only habitable area on the planet. While he and his crew worked on a solution to the problem, he and his wife discussed sending Tegan back to Earth where she would be safe until the quakes subsided. Tegan fought helplessly as she was placed on a passenger cruiser headed back to her aunts and uncles. Alexander and Jewel bid a tearful farewell to their only child and hoped to be reunited with her soon. However, after a time, the surface of the planet remained unstable and all inhabitants were forced to evacuate by any means possible. Unfortunately a fleet of Romulans had covertly entered Federation space and not only raped the planet of much of her resources, but captured many of the inhabitants including her parents. The news of her parents sent Tegan into the depths of despair. She closed herself off from everyone around her and grieved for a very long time. One of her aunts, Deliah, took her under wing. She worked in a psychiatric research facility as a service coordinator. She introduced Tegan to patients with minor issues and taught her to feel compassion and care for these patients. As time went on, she was able to handle more severe cases and felt a sense of purpose. As Tegan reached the end of her primary schooling, a desire grew in her to go back out to space in search of her parents, hoping beyond hope they were still alive. Deliah, hoping Tegan would find closure, felt Starfleet Academy would give her the discipline to continue with her progress, and to still have a chance to find closure, one way or the other. Her Sensitive’s skills have become a huge asset to her in Starfleet. Although she cannot gauge different races’ body languages at first, her patience and observant behaviors help her to quickly pick up on differences as well as similarities. Her studies lean toward psychology, but her interest in communicating has helped her to pick up on some languages. As she enters the next chapter in her life, she has learned to connect with others well, but is slow at letting anyone too close.
Hobbies Cooking, reading, pets/animals
Languages American English. Can take on accents when immersed in a culture.
Physical Description Tall with strawberry blonde hair and green eyes. Slightly overweight, often termed as "sturdy" Skin pale but with tendency to blush.
Nicknames Tee

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