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Name: Koji Ameara Gamakifaki
Status: Active
Serial Number: 6C1-KGHUM-2I5I
Assignment: USS Scylax
Position: Commanding Officer
Rank: Captain
Age: 44
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: March 31st, 2359
Height: 1.65m m
Weight: 49.9kg kg
E-mail: --hidden--
Alternate BIO: None listed.

Eye Color: Green Father: Kiro
Hair Color: Black Mother: Nahjimi
Marital Status: Single Siblings: none
Location of Birth: Osaka, Japan Spouse: none
Planet of Birth: Earth Children: none

Personal History
Stardate 760114 Applied and is accepted to Starfleet Medical Academy
Stardate 840117 Finishes SFMedical, graduates with honors. But before recieving orders for posting, decides to enroll in Starfleet Academy.
Stardate 890203 Graduates Starfleet Academy, Security and Tactical Division, with above average marks in all fields of study
Stardate 900727 Found in crashed runabout on the surface of Betazed. Details are deemed top secret under the "Temporal Prime Directive"

Medical History
Stardate 900315 Damage to Left knee on awayteam mission to save Captian Terryn, requires total replacement.
Stardate 900401 (Alternate Reality) Gets Temporal Aphasia as a result of exposure to radiation, Results in death but is rescued pre exposure by Temporal Police, resumes duties.
Stardate 900430 (Alternate Reality) Damages Right knee and breaks several Right side ribs in awayteam mission to survey a planet the Erinys brought through into this reality accidently, requires total replacement and lengthy sugery.
Stardate 900727 Found in crashed runabout on the surface of Betazed. Requires several surgeries and another replacement right knee.
Stardate 901208 Is given a medical LOA to complete a full rehab. on her as yet still unhealed Right knee.

Promotion History
Stardate 890203 Graduates and given rank of Ensign by Academy Commandant.
Stardate 891201 Assumes post of CSec, USS Erinys
Stardate 900126 (Alternate Reality) Promoted to Lieutenant by Captian Azari-Ailyah Tarryn
Stardate 900415 (Alternate Reality) Promoted to (A)LtCmdr. By Cmdr. Vincent Dharmajiva
Stardate 900606 (Alternate Reality) Reduced in Rank to Lieutenant by Starfleet Command
Stardate 900915 Promoted to (A)LtCmdr. by Starflet Command.

Awards & Commendations
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Stardate 891101 Starfleet Commendation
For actions during the Trajentrie incident
Stardate 900921 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 900921 One Year Starfleet Service Pin

Transfer History
Stardate 840201 Applied and is accepted to Starfleet Academy
Stardate 890301 Assigned from Academy as a Security Officer, first posting at Starfleet Command.
Stardate 890901 Recieved Orders to report to SB517 for first offworld posting.
Stardate 890912 Reports for duty on SB517
Stardate 891122 Recieved Orders to report to USS Erinys as Chief of Security
Stardate 900415 (Alternate Reality) Transferred from Chief of Security to 2XO and Chief Strategic Op's of USS Erinys
Stardate 900606 (Alternate Reality) Relieved of duty off USS Erinys, Transfers to USS Scylax as 2XO and Chief Strategic Op's
Stardate 900829 Recieves orders to report to Starbase 517 to meet the USS Scylax and assume the position as the ships XO.
Stardate 900930 Recieves Orders to travel to the new DS Phoenix station situated at the entrance of the Briar Patch, as XO.

Character Description

Koji is big of heart, full of confidence, and extremely good looking. She knows this and uses her physical beauty to her advantage. She can be soft spoken or have a commanding voice. She can be the small, quiet subordinate or a fierce, firey leader. It depends on the situation. She would rather work things out peacefully than get in a scuffle. But when needed her extensive martial arts background will be used. .


She has several black belt's in Akido, Kenpo, and Kendo. She does Origami. Bansai trees, and loves traditional calligraphy. She has an affinity for ancient Jade figurines of Far Eastern origin, which she collects.

Languages English, Japanese, Klingon, Vulcan
Physical Description

Koji is small in stature, She has long, jet black silken hair and deep green eyes. She has an excellent figure and is well muscled, but they blend nicely into her soft, feminine curves.

Koji walks with a slight limp now, favoring her right leg, she has had both knees replaced in the recent past and is still doing private rehab on them.

Nicknames Was stuck with the nickname, " The Asian Buzzsaw" in security training because she was constantly beating out and up those twice her size. "Ji"

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