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Name: Svetlana Mikhailovna Bazhena
Status: Active
Serial Number: 5X1-SBHUM-705B
Assignment: USS Kir'Shara
Position: Commanding Officer
Rank: Captain
Age: 51
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: September 9th, 2352
Height: 1.70 m
Weight: 63.5 kg
E-mail: --hidden--
Alternate BIO: None listed.

Eye Color: Brown Father: Mikhail Ivanovich Bazhen
Hair Color: Brown Mother: Natal'ya Gogoryev Taneava (Deceased)
Marital Status: Married Siblings: Alexei Mikhailovich Bazhen
Tatiana Mikhailovna Bazhena
Location of Birth: Noril'sk, Russia Spouse: Sergei Fodoryev Romodanov
Planet of Birth: Earth Children: Nikolai Sergeev Romodanov (Born 930221)

Personal History
Stardate 520909 Born to Mikhail Ivanovich Bazhen and Natal'ya Gogoryev Taneava in Noril'sk, Russia, Earth.
Stardate 680122 Natal'ya Taneava, Svetlana's mother, slips on an iced over part of the family's garden pathway. She remains undiscovered until medical attention will not help her.
Stardate 800502 (Adjusted date)Captain Svetlana Mikhailovna Bazhena and Sergei Fodoryev Romodanov are married on Berenin III.
Due to the nature of the time travel occurence, this date has been changed to account for the real time of the marriage. (Original date: 900502)

Medical History
Stardate 631109 Slips on an iced over path and breaks the ulna in her left arm.
Stardate 740218 Suffers a concussion during a battle with a Jem'Hadar cruiser.
Stardate 740326 Breaks two ribs and her left wrist during a confrontation with a Jem'Hadar battle cruiser.
Stardate 830221 (Adjusted date) Gives birth to a son, Nikolai Sergeev Romodanov, while on Berenin III.
Due to the nature of the time travel occurence, this date has been changed to account for the child's real age. (Original date: 930221)
Stardate 891021 Injures knee during final assault on Tranjetrie-controlled Starfleet officers aboard the USS Potemkin.

Promotion History
Stardate 730521 Promoted to Ensign upon graduation from Starfleet Academy.
Stardate 751107 Promoted to Lieutenant JG aboard the USS Destiny by Captain Jetrol Peyn.
Stardate 780825 Promoted to full Lieutenant and Operations Manager of the USS Moscow by Captain Horatio Morgan.
Stardate 820325 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and Executive Officer of the USS Magellan by Captain Micheal Tillman.
Stardate 850627 Promoted to full Commander by Captain Tillman aboard the USS Magellan
Stardate 870415 (Acting) Promoted to Acting Captain upon taking command of the USS Tempest
Stardate 870707 Promoted to full Captain

Awards & Commendations
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Stardate 870325 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 870925 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 880303 Starfleet Command Declaration for Valor and Gallantry
for the Stand at Idran.
Stardate 880325 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 880925 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 890325 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 890925 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 891121 Medal of Honor with Clusters
for her leadership displayed during the Tranjetrie incident at Starbase 517.
Stardate 900325 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 900925 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 910325 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 910925 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 920325 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin

Transfer History
Stardate 690815 Enteres Starfleet Academy.
Stardate 730526 Assigned to USS Destiny as an Operations Officer.
Stardate 760628 Assigned to the USS Moscow as Operations Officer.
Stardate 780825 Internal transfer aboard USS Moscow to Operations Manager.
Stardate 801231 Assigned to USS Magellan as Operations Manager.
Stardate 820325 Internal Transfer aboard USS Magellan to Executive Officer under Captain Michael Tillman.
Stardate 860210 Assigned to Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards as Administrative Operations Specialist.
Stardate 860925 Assigned to USS Tempest as Executive Officer under Captain Scott Lee.
Stardate 860925 Acting transfer to Acting Commanding Officer of the USS Tempest while Captain Scott Lee is on leave.
Stardate 870415 Acting Captain Svetlana Bazhena is given full command of the USS Tempest.
Stardate 890224 Resigns from Command of the USS Tempest upon returning from ten years of isolation on Berenin III and finding herself back literally hours after the planet disappeared. Requests a leave of absence from her duties in Starfleet to adjust.
Stardate 890501 Captain Svetlana Bazhena takes command of the Nebula class vessel, USS Potemkin.
Stardate 890701 After a turn of events, Captain Bazhena is offered command of the USS Tempest. She accepts.
Stardate 901015 Steps down from command of the USS Tempest, transferring command to Acting Captain Faye Lockwood.
Stardate 910330 Resumes active duty after being on leave for almost six months and is offered command of the USS Kir'Shara, a Nebula-class vessel serving the 14th Fleet. She accepts.

Character Description
Family History

Svetlana,often called Lana by people who are on a first name basis with her or Sveta by those even closer, was born in Noril'sk, Russia, on Earth's Asian continent. She was born on September 9, 2352 to Mikhail Ivanovich Bazhen and Natal'ya Gogoryev Taneava. Her childhood was spent in Noril'sk, a city that had stayed somewhat isolated from the tide of modernization. As such, the traditional Russian language was spoken predominantly, though most of the townspeople speak Federation Standard, as well. Lana was no exception.
Three years after Lana was born, her brother, Alexei, was born. Once Alexei was old enough, the two became close friends of each other. Family life was ideal. Her parents loved each other and their two children. Lana's childhood was great until the death of their mother. Ten years after the birth of Alexei, Tatiana was born into the family, an unexpected, but welcome addition. Two years after her birth, though, the children's mother, Natal'ya, died after suffering an accident and remaining undiscovered until it was too late. After that, their father dominated their lives in an effort to protect the children. Lana was 15 years old when her mother passed away.
Lana lived with her aunt in a town outside of Paris, France for a few months when she was 16. She experienced being around new people and places for the first time in her shosrt life and found it intoxicating, though she missed the people from her home. After her stay in Paris, she returned home to begin her secondary education and excelled in her studies. By the time she was 17, she knew that she wanted to be in Starfleet. The minute taste of exploration she had experienced at age 16 was like a drug. Her closest friend..and on again off again boyfriend, Sergei, actively supported her and encouraged her dream of being a Starfleet officer. After graduating at the top of her class in secondary school, she applied and was accepted to Starfleet Academy.
Svetlana left home to join Starfleet at the age of 17, only a short time from being 18, when Alexei was 15 and Tatiana was 5. This being the case, the two sisters had little time to really get to know each other as friends. Their father, Mikhail, a strong man with a great deal of pride, had expected his children to follow his decree in regards to what they did with their life, especially after the death of their mother. At Svetlana's apparent 'desertion' from their way of life, the man clamped down on his other two children, especially his youngest. Contact with Svetlana was cut off, but a close family friend, Sergei, managed to bring regular letters from Lana to the two youngest Bazhen children. Through Sergei, Ana and Alexei maintained and developed a close relationship with their sister...though it has been close to 13 years since they have all been in the same room.
This unfortunate fact has distressed Lana for a long time. It has only been recently that the bridges between her and her father have begun to mend. While on Earth for the trial of Captain Lee, Lana visited home with the support of her brother and Sergei and finally began to speak with her father again. His increasing age has softened the barrier. Things are not all well, but they are on the road to recovery.
After the trial of Captain Lee, Commander Svetlana Bazhena returned to Starbase 202: Arcadia, where she was promoted to Acting Captain and given the command of the USS Tempest.
Months later, after holding command of the Tempest and the rank of Acting Captain, Svetlana was promoted to Full Captain on Stardate 870707.
After various missions, the crew of the Tempest responds to the call for starships in the Idran sector. There, the participate in the Stand at Idran, consequently loosing several crewmembers and sustaining heavy damages to the ship.
As an indirect result of this, Captain Bazhena opts to use personal leave time and visits her family on Earth. A short time later, she and her romantic partner, Sergei, journey to the planet of Berenin III, where they will await the arrival of the Tempest.
The planet mysteriously disappears before the Tempest actually arrives to pick them up. At this point, Captain Bazhena's whereabouts, as well as the other people on the planet, is unknown.
Berenin III had been pulled through a wormhole and deposited thousands of years in the past. The people on the planet, including a relatively small number of Starfleet personnel, continued on with their lives, seeing no apparent chance of 'rescue'. Captain Svetlana Bazhena was one of these people and lived her life for a full 10 years before the arrival of the Tempest and subsequent return home.
On Stardate 900502 (Berenin III date), Svetlana Mikhailovna Bazhena and Sergei Fodoryev Romodanov were married.

Three years after that, their son, Nikolai Sergeev Romodanov, was born on Stardate 930221. This date was been adjusted for real age accuracy upon return to their correct time. (Adjusted date: 830221)
Upon returning to the 24th century, Bazhena realized that she and her family would need some time to adjust to the new state of affairs and stepped down from command of the USS Tempest on Stardate 890224. She was granted temporary leave of duty due to the circumstances and returned to Earth with Sergei and Nikolai to reunite with both of their families.
On Stardate 890501, Starfleet Command offered Captain Bazhena the command of a refit Nebula Class starship - the USS Potemkin. She accepted and moved aboard with her husband and son.
A short time after the Potemkin left space dock, the encountered an entity that managed to drain the power from the ship. It then took up residence in Potemkin's cargo bay around an artifact that the ship had been on mission to deliver. This loss of power required that the crew abandon the ship and sent out a distress call. Among the ships that responded was Bazhena's former command, the USS Tempest.
As fate would have it, the command staff of the Tempest, one suffering from severe injuries related to their last mission, and the other moving onto different things, stepped down from the Tempest.
On Stardate 890701, Captain Svetlana Bazhena returned to command of the USS Tempest.

Captain Bazhena remained commanding officer of the USS Tempest for another year and a half. On Stardate 901015, though, she requested additional leave from her duties and chose to resign her command of the Tempest. Captain Faye Lockwood, her former Executive Officer, succeeded her, taking the Tempest and her crew through many more missions successfully.
After returning to active duty some six months later, Captain Bazhena was offered command of the USS Kir'Shara, a Nebula-class vessel serving the 14th Fleet. Anxious to return to the stars, Bazhena accepted. She, her husband, and her son boarded the USS Kir'Shara and Bazhena took command on Stardate 910330.


Bazhena is a quiet person most of the time. She takes her responsibilities very seriously and wears an emotionless expression out of habit, which helps her poker game.

Medical History:

Suffers from headaches as a side effect of prolonged stress. Blood Type: AB Positive
Hobbies Svetlana has always enjoyed reading. She's also been a fencer since an early age.
Languages Traditional Russsian, Federation Standard and incomplete Klingon
Nicknames Lana, Sveta

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