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Name: Nicholas Arcturus Reed
Status: Active
Serial Number: 6C1-NRHUM-4P5R
Assignment: USS Tempest
Position: Security Officer
Rank: Lieutenant
Age: 35
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: June 18th, 2368
Height: 1.52 m
Weight: 88.45 kg
E-mail: --hidden--
Alternate BIO: None listed.

Eye Color: Blue Father: Matthew John Reed
Hair Color: Brown Mother: Lana Sherridan Redfield
Marital Status: Single Siblings: Only child
Location of Birth: The Opal Sea Spouse: He has considered having a harem
Planet of Birth: Betazed Children: He's pretty sure he might have a few

Personal History
Stardate 680618 Nicholas Arcturus Reed, born on Betazed to Matthew and Lana Reed.
Stardate 700721 Family leaves Betazed travels around with parents for a while on his father's "business" trips.
Stardate 700723 Arrives at Earth, moves into home in Nevada.
Stardate 850301 Engaged to Marissa Anoi, Betazoid of the tenth house.
Stardate 850410 Marissa calls off engagement. Her father tells Nick she doesn't want to see him ever again. Nick respects her wish.
Stardate 850718 After an argument with his parents Nicholas Reed leaves to join StarFleet.
Stardate 850809 Takes exclusive courses on a few alien languages with the help of a few new... friends... particularly one lovely lady from Risa.
Stardate 930426 Nick rushes to the bridge while the Vimy Ridge is in battle with a Xelucian cruiser. He comes across a crewman in the corridor, and pushes him out of the way, getting blown up by the computer panel, sending him crashing into the far wall. Is transported to sickbay for treatment.
Stardate 930527 Nick leads security on awayteam mission within the tunnels of New Havarre. Meets Doctor Katerina Wilkinson for the first time. Kat is taken by Nick's charm. The pair find some survivors, and help them to the best of their ability. Nick ends up with a little girl attached to his arm for a little while.
Stardate 931016 Party! Acting Security Chief, Yim'Bar Cho'Lu throws a party in ten forward. Nick is introduced to Doctor Billy Bowers, Lieutenant Commander Jason Bly, and Ensign Kylee Nix, and manages to spirit Kat away for a bit of an after party... The pair returns several hours later after sharing each other's passion for the first time.
Stardate 931025 Nick is assigned with security over the cargo transfer of supplies from the USS Annapolis. After finding a deficiency in the manifests he has to go to the Annapolis and solve the problem... The result is a quick moment of passion with Lt. Com. Knighton, the officer in charge of the transfer on the Annapolis. Nick definately succeeded in fixing the problem after that...
Stardate 931109 Nick hears about the birth of Rose Blake, the daughter of Toby and Cait Blake. He goes to Kat's quarters to celebrate, finds she's been a bit stressed over something. He comforts her... another night of passion ensues, and he leaves after making her breakfast in bed.
Stardate 931115 Nick invites Chief of Securiy, Serenity Valence, to spar with him on the holodeck. She accepts... what starts off as a rather heated battle with no clear winner, it ends with them fighting a bit to close, and Nick winding up on her back on the ground... Followed by a kiss... That kiss leads to further passion between the two, position and rank be damned.
Stardate 940111 Nick is on his usual patrol when he hears a call over the comms saying that Lieutenant Cho'Lu is down. He's the first to arrive at the scene to fine the massive Andorian's head busted open. He takes over, and establishes a perimeter... begins the investigations.
Stardate 940219 Nick visits Cho'Lu in sickbay to see how he's doing, telling him that he'll do everything in his power to bring his assailant to justice. Also, subtly suggests he should go talk with the Counsellor, Ivri... Talks to Kat to get him released back to duty.
Stardate 940301 Nick is sent with Kat, Ensign Atzen, and crewman Fender to rescue the escape pods of the USS Tamco, only to find out it's a trap set up by Orions. Pinned down and outnumberred the crew is rendered helpless and is forced to escape using a high speed transport tactic that leaves a few of the crewmembers momentarily sick and/or woozy. Few survivors are saved.
Stardate 940318 Nick goes to fulfill the ultimatum on Cho'Lu's release. Meeting Kat for dinner and a movie... well, he wouldn't be Nick if it didn't become much more than that... as he struggles to get Marissa out of his mind.
Stardate 940422 Nick joins Lieutenant Kylee Nix on the holodeck against her wishes, he suffers a minor injury to his shoulder and uses it as an excuse to go see Doctor Wilkinson... however she would up calling for him... screaming his name as she was attacked by some unknown foe... Nick rushed to her aid, but found himself helpless to save her... Relying on Doctor Blake to flood sickbay with a gas to take out both attackers... Nick soon finds out her assailant had been using her as bait to get to him...
Stardate 940525 Lieutenant Commander Yim'Bar Cho'Lu, Doctor Wilkinson, Ensigns Skylar Azten, and Tharviole Amastacia, Counsellor Ivri, and himself interrogate the doctor's assailant... and it's then that Nick mentions a name O'Rourke... leaves the man a whimpering mess with a few words... and just leaves.
Stardate 950125 Nick is given the position of Chief of Security of the Vimy Ridge, after an attempt to turn the position down and give it to Lieutenant Viridian. He still makes the attempt to not let his command, peers, and subordinates down.
Stardate 960626 Nick works in the capacity as the security chief on board the Vimy Ridge after resolving several of his personal issues. Records of such incidents are missing or deleted. However, he's transferred to the planet Paridise IV, serving directly under his former chief, YimBar Cho'lu
Stardate 960710 Issues at home caused Nick to have to take leave from StarFleet again. This time on a more permenant basis, though his career is put on hold, it'll still be there for his return if he decides to come back.
Stardate 970718 Family matters put to rest, Nick returns to duty, working with a security team near Tensen III, helping a virus infected world, deal with quarantine, and riots, with a cure already in development, once the issue is resolved, he looks forward to returning to a station aboard a ship.

Medical History
Stardate 800329 Treated for a broken leg during a training excercise and a... difference of opinion with a team mate...
Stardate 850301 Treated for multiple stab wounds to the abdomen.
Stardate 880401 Treated for a laceration to the face, apparently the result of an old Earth custom. He certainly looks the April's Fool... He won't play that prank again, I'm sure.
Stardate 880618 Treated for bruising and minor lacerations along forearms and hands, bruising on face minimal. Subject was apparently in a brawl while celebrating his 21st birthday.
Stardate 881228 Treated for poisoning. An Orion apparently "scratched" his back... He claims they were done accidentally, but doesn't elaborate. I try not to think about it...
Stardate 930309 Initial physical upon the USS Vimy Ridge, fitted with a clean bill of health... disgustingly so.
Stardate 930426 Sustained third degree burns to his face, and arm, ribs cracked on his right side, second degree burns to his chest. His right arm was broken, and he suffered a bad concussion when a terminal exploded during the battle with the Xelucians.
Stardate 950125 While gone on leave to Nevada, Earth, he is treated for thre broken ribs, a stab wound to his right shoulder, and heavy phaser burns to his chest. Where he sustained such injuries, or what he was doing, is anyone's guess.

Promotion History
Stardate 890921 Promoted to rank of Ensign upon graduation of Starfleet Academy.
Stardate 931201 Promoted to rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade, by Captain K'ylana Vilqa of the USS Vimy Ridge.
Stardate 940520 Promoted to rank of Lieutenant, by Captain K'ylana Vilqa of the USS Vimy Ridge.
Stardate 950125 Nick is awarded the position of Security Chief by Captain K'lana Vilqa of the USS Vimy Ridge

Awards & Commendations
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Stardate 930727 Starfleet Commendation
For actions taken place during the battle against the Xeleucians
Stardate 940219 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 940425 One Year Starfleet Service Pin
Stardate 940520 Preantares Ribbon of Commendation, Second Class
For willingness to do whatever it took to rescue the Tamco and her crew and get back safely.
Stardate 941215 Six Month Starfleet Service Pin

Transfer History
Stardate 930305 Assigned to the USS Vimy Ridge as a security officer.
Stardate 960626 Nick is transferred with most of the Vimy Ridge crew to Planet IV, later named Paradise IV.
Stardate 970718 Nick is transferred to Tensen III to head up one of several security teams tasked with quarantine and riot control.
Stardate 980625 Left Star Fleet, currently in Nevada, on Earth.
Stardate 020716 Transferred to the USS Tempest, after a long, tiring, but refreshing tour on Tensen III

Character Description Nicholas Reed, preferrably Nick, joined starfleet as soon as he could, at the age of 17, mostly out of spite toward his family, mostly due to the fact that they didn't much care for Starfleet. He was born on Betazed merely out of circumstance, his parents had their honeymoon there, and he was the result. They stayed there for his birth, and tried raising them the best they could he supposes. Either way, being just a rebellious teen and wanting freedom, he went to Starfleet. He wasn't exactly the top of his class or anything, but he wasn't the worst either. Upon graduating he decided that he wanted a career in security. Something more action based. Turned out that he was perfect for the job. He was always a man of action. His rebellious ways have settled down now that he's twenty five and has turned into a sort of oily charm. Off duty he can be described as aloof, but when on duty, he's mostly all business.

If anyone was to look up Matthew Reed's files, they'd find that he's been charged with numerous crimes, mostly operating a smuggling operation. However, each time the charges have been dropped. It is clear that Nick has disowned his family, more than that he'll never let on to.

There's heaps and bounds that are not in Nick's actual files... Including Marissa's kidnapping by an ex boyfriend of her's. Nick had gone to her rescue, but when the man hit her... he lost it and brutally murdered the man. The emotions that flooded from Nick put Marissa, a Betazoid, into a coma for about a month. He blames himself to this day... and feels that she was well within her rights to never want to see him again. He's respected it ever since, though he's still desperately in love with her. That's been his reasoning for seeking out Jerel, a Betazoid servant in his family's home. He taught Nick how to hide behind a wall of disassociation to make him rather difficult to read for telepaths and empaths alike.
Hobbies Earth alcohol, Women, Archery, Women, Swordsplay, Women, Mok'bara, Women, Old Humphery Bogart films, and of course, Women
Languages Standard Federation, Most common Earth languages (French, Spanish, English Etc), Klingon, Naussican, Andorian, Bolian, Tellarite, Risan.
Physical Description Nick is a strikingly good looking man, fairly short, and wiry. Perhaps not the strongest of men, yet he looks like he could be quick. His hair is usually just within regulation, where he'd rather have longer hair. He often neglect shaving to give him a slightly rugged looks at times, though he keeps it neatly trimmed to avoid getting chewed out. He let's his actions earn his chewing outs.
Nicknames Nick

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