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1. Definition.

Development is a sanctioned sim development program within the 14th Fleet.
Under this principle, an aspiring simulation receives the immediate benefit of being part of the Fourteenth Fleet, the stories and plots established on the Development sim are an immediate part of the 14th Fleet's history. While receiving the benefit of Development status, a simulation is subject to all rules and regulations of the Fourteenth Fleet.
Development simulations are invited to the 14th Fleet join page, where they will be denoted as a simulation in development.
Legally given promotions and awards, even seniority at rank, accumulated on an Development sim, are accepted in the system without argument.

In order to do this, the "development simulation" falls under the direct authority of the Administrata and answers directly to a specified member of the Administrata for the purpose of mission reports, promotions, awards, etc.

While a development simulation is running, it is expected that it keeps its priority on working towards the ultimate goal of meeting all requirements to become an official simulation in the Fourteenth Fleet in its own right. It will receive with that all the help any regular simulation would receive from the organisation.

Development simulation status is voted on and granted by the Administrata, they will make this decision based on a number of criteria, including but not limited to:

  • Evaluation of simulation concept, format, technical specifications, registry numbers, which must be approved by the Administrata.
  • The CLEAR intention of the Development sim to want to become a full sim.

2. Restrictions placed on Development Simulations.

There are certain restrictions placed on Development simulations, compared to fully approved independent simulations in the 14th Fleet.

  • Crew biographies are subject to approval of the Administrata.
  • Development CO is given the right to promote up to and including Lieutenant and Petty Officer, and award the Starfleet Commendation.
  • Lieutenant Commander, Chief Petty Officer and all other CO awards remain the discretion of the appointed Administrata member.
  • Unless previously having attained that rank, CO's of Development sims cannot reach the rank of Captain.

3. Transition from development simulation to fully approved simulation.

A development simulation must meet ALL requirements of any aspiring 14th Fleet simulation in order to be accepted into the 14th Fleet as a sim of its own. This includes the recruiting of 5 new people to the 14th Fleet. Many, if not all other requirements ought to be achieved simply through existance as an development simulation.

The maximum term of a simulation in development status, is nine months.

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