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Deep Space 9

Former Cardassian mining station in the Bajoran starsystem. Its proximity to the Bajoran Wormhole, which links the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants, makes it a facility of great commercial, scientific and strategic importance. While it is staffed jointly by Starfleet and the Bajoran militia, the station itself is owned by the Bajoran people.

Earth Station McKinley

Starfleet shipbuilding and repair facility in Earth orbit. McKinley Station is a large orbital platform supporting several large articulated work arms, designed to service even the largest starships.

Jupiter Station

Starfleet facility orbiting the fifth planet in the Sol System. Situated here are several groups of the Research and Development department, including those dedicated to holographical research.

Office of the Federation President

Situated in the ancient city of Paris on Earth is the office belonging to the leader of the representative council governing the United Federation of Planets.

Remmler Array

Federation orbital facility located above Arkaria Base. The Remmler Array is used for baryon decontamination sweeps of starships.

San Francisco Yards

Starfleet drydock facility in Earth orbit. Site where the original starship Enterprise was built in 2245.

Starbase 517

Massive facility in the Ohmacht system. Serves as homeport of the Fourteenth Fleet.

Currently in the hands of the Xelucians.

Starfleet Academy

Training facility for Starfleet personnel located at the Presidio of San Francisco on Earth. Established in 2161.

Starfleet Command

The primary control hub of Starfleet Command, located in San Francisco on Earth.

Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards

Starfleet shipyards located in orbit around and on the surface of the planet Mars. Located within these facilities is the Design Bureau of the Propulsions Group, R&D.

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