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Welcome to the Fourteenth Fleet home page!

The Fourteenth Fleet is a very close affiliation of roleplaying entities which together form the universe in which we play. Our general setting is that of the Star Trek world, anno 2403 and primarily evolves around the happenings of the Fourteenth Fleet as part of Starfleet.

One of the more unique features of our affiliation is that anything that happens on one of our approved simulations affects the universe entirely, for every player in the group... we all exist next to each other.

In order to do this, we try to keep the specifications and general premise of our simulations and roleplaying events as close to canon as possible. While there are those who may think this creates a tremendous hurdle in creativity, it actually makes the creative process that much more exciting. Instead of relying on newly invented technology to solve problems, crews actually have to come up with solutions themselves! It is also our experience that this guarantees a fair playing field for all our members.

So go on... if you've watched the shows and the movies, we are sure that you too have wondered what you would have done if you were a character on the show. Join up with the Fourteenth Fleet today. We are certain we've got exactly what it takes to make you feel part of that magic.

If you still have questions, or if you would like to meet the people that make up the Fourteenth Fleet... come and have a chat. You can find us in the channel on the server using either any IRC client you like, or by using the WebChat login below.

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