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1. Your simulation has at least five members who have not been associated with the 14th fleet for the past six months.

To prevent the risk of simply taking the pool of existing membership and spreading them thin across more simulations, it is required that a simulation wishing to access the Fourteenth Fleet has as its membership at least five people who either have never been members of the Fourteenth Fleet, or have not actively been members of the fourteenth Fleet for the past six months.

2. Your simulation has to be considered by the Administrata as active.

For the purpose of joining the Fourteenth Fleet, "active" is defined by an average of at least one log per crew member over the past six weeks, and having an active storyline. It is understood that if this was a general definition, many simulations in the Fourteenth Fleet would not be active... due to leaves of absense and other circumstances. However, we would like to think that a simulation trying to join a group will do what it can to represent itself as the best they can be.

This is the ONLY requirement where the Executive Authority may be willing to be lenient in the face of supreme excellence in roleplaying and activity.

3. Technical aspects of your simulation approved by the Administrata.

These include but are not limited to: simulation concept, specifications, crew biographies, format, etc...
Sovereign and Galaxy class starships are prohibited in that they can only be used with explicit permission from the Executive Authority. No new simulation will be allowed to start on either class.

4. The Commanding Officer must pass an interview with one or more members of the Administrata.

A closed session interview with the full Executive Authority, or one of its members, where final questions concerning vision, dedication, ethics and so forth will be discussed, and the answers debated by the Administrata.
This is the final requirement and will result in a decision on accepting the simulation.

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