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Version 1 August 2007

Command is a tedious business, that much is certain. It is often said that when a person accepts a command, or actively pursues one, that this point is where it ceases to be "just" fun. Not withstanding, command brings with it an entirely new sense to roleplaying... one of achievement, pride in one's work and the knowledge that your work is directly responsible for the joy of others.

Because of it, many of us will intentionally choose never to become Commanding Officers, even though potentially they have the makings of great captains in them. To assure that everyone in the fleet, regardless of rank or current assignment, has the chance to organise and host a simulation at least once, the Fourteenth Fleet regularely has one-time simulations. These simulations are convened for one plot, draw crew on a volunteer basis from the existing players and characters of the fleet, and play out the proposed plot. Traditionally, players use their existing career characters already serving on a permanent simulation in the fleet to attend the one-timers, allowing their character to gain additional experience, history, and roleplay with characters you would otherwise not usually play with because they are assigned to other sims. All-in-all... it is a wonderful experience for everyone involved.

What do you need to do in order to put together a one-timer, though?

As said before, anyone can put together a one-timer, it doesn't matter if you're an Ensign, brand new to the Fourteenth Fleet, or a Captain who has been around from the start. Choose your format, either IRC or Email, think up a plot and figure out what crew positions you would need filled in order to do it. Put that together as you would like to see it announced to the organisation and use the Fourteenth Fleet's File Cabinet to submit your proposal.

There are, of course, a few things to consider. It is important to consider your character's current station. It might be rather inconceivable for an Ensign fresh out of Starfleet Academy to be given command of a Sovereign-class starship to go mediate a peace treaty between the Klingons and the Romulans. Instead, the large lines of such an idea could be kept and modified to scale. Your character could be asked to take charge of a mining survey in a starsystem freakishly cohabited by Klingon and Romulan civilian miners... a situation could arise while you are taking care of that original mission, where your character is thrown, due to circumstances, into mediating a cessation of hostilities between both settlements inside that starsystem. Basically the plot stays the same, it is just scaled down to be much more realistic and fitting.

Upon review of the one-timer proposal by Starfleet Command, and possible modifications made to the plot if they are necessary, they will work out with you a date to start the one-timer on, and you're set. Before long the announcement will be made and the applications will role in.

While you are hosting an approved one-timer, you will enjoy many of the privileges and real duties of a Commanding Officer in the Fourteenth Fleet. After the plot, you will be expected of to write a mission report for the sim. You will be able to hand out acting ranks to and ask for temporary rank reductions of your crewmembers as to maintain the integrity of the chain of command on the sim. And you will even be able to issue the very awards for your crew which fall under the authorisation of Commanding Officers. Starfleet Command will help you with any of these aspects.

In order to make certain that both the Commanding Officer and the crew of a one-timer have the appropriate support needed, Starfleet Command may insist on approving the proposed Executive Officer for the one-timer. Most likely, if you have never commanded before, this condition could be imposed by default.

And when all is done and over with, who knows? Perhaps you too will have caught the command virus and decide to put together a permanent sim of your own in the Fourteenth Fleet. Running a one-timer is a great way to find out if it is the thing for you.

Below, you will find a handy listing of all one-timers which have taken place over the years.

"Operation Retrieve"
Stardate 870317
Captain Damien Korczynski

"Rescue at Endra"
Stardate 870514
Captain Adra Darisan-Pala`u

"Operation Investigate"
Stardate 870920
Captain Scott Lee

"Operation Q-Ship"
Stardate 871002
Acting Captain Frances Clairmont

"Operation Recover"
Stardate 871221
Captain Thomas X. Spartan

"Operation Apprehend"
Stardate 880118
Captain Bradley Hawthorne

"Rescue at Jesuit"
Stardate 880222
Acting Lieutenant Commander Mystery Sanders

"Operation Retrieve Bilitrium"
Stardate 880315
Commander Vincent Lim

"Gordian Appraisal Mission"
Stardate 880519
Acting Captain Patrick Sharpe

"Operation Home Run"
Stardate 880630
Commander Worekh Luta

"Operation Cure Shaw Condition"
Stardate 880727
Acting Captain Jacob Worthington

"Disaster at Starbase 202"
Stardate 880914
Captain Thomas X. Spartan

"U.S.S. Sutter"
Stardate 890412
Acting Captain Worekh Luta

"Mission to System 757"
Stardate 890503
Acting Commander Dhael

"Death on the Min"
Stardate 890530
Commander Ryan Foster

"Operation Déja-vu"
Stardate 890613
Commander Ryu Suwada

"Tale of the Tape"
Stardate 890618
Lieutenant junior grade Mark Cross

"Trouble over C Pegasus XIII"
Stardate 890626
Master Chief Petty Officer Spavok

"Mission to Dorvan V"
Stardate 890627
Acting Commander David Bokai

"Operation Lost Culture"
Stardate 890730
Commander Vincent Lim

"Operation Excelsior Retrieval"
Stardate 890809
Acting Lieutenant Commander S'th Zahevan

"Operation Breen Death"
Stardate 890817
Acting Captain Joshua Tremaine

"The Timare Incident"
Stardate 890828
Captain Damien Korczynski

"The U.S.S. Tianjin is Missing"
Stardate 891019
Lieutenant Commander Faye Lockwood

"The Drayton Ghost Ship"
Stardate 891205
Commander Durgo Lourelle

"Operation Archeological Sabotage"
Stardate 891211
Lieutenant Commander Mark Johnson

"Operation Search and Rescue"
Stardate 900119
Lieutenant Commander Dathan O'Hara

"U.S.S. Nile"
Stardate 900513
Acting Commander Scott Sutton

"Pontaroe Colony"
Stardate 900912
Acting Commander Susan Tremaine

"The Alit'ran Incident"
Stardate 910812
Captain Kenneth Wong

"Mystery on Tagada V"
Stardate 911101
Acting Captain Caitlin Brody

"A final voyage for the starship... Tempest"
Stardate 911202
Vice Admiral Thomas X. Spartan

"Turbulence on the Turbulent"
Stardate 920201
Acting Captain Jason Carson

"Crystalline Promises"
Stardate 920301
Acting Captain Tobias Blake

"The New Southampton Incident"
Stardate 920325
Acting Captain Caroline Palmas

"The Chase"
Stardate 920428
Captain Worekh Luta

"Blackout on Costra III"
Stardate 920507
Acting Commander Alysia Donovan

"Return to the Vegrani Fleet"
Stardate 920610
Captain Worekh Luta

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