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This page is dedicated to listing and describing spirits and other interesting beverages as they appeared in the shows and movies. Use this list to add a little exotic punch to your logs as true connaisseurs!

Acamarian brandy
An amber-colored drink native to the planet Acamar III.
TNG: The Vengeance Factor

AGP (Altairian Grand Premier)
Brand name of an Andolian champagne.
TNG: Datalore

Aldebaran whiskey
A potent, green-colored alcohol.
DS9: Prophet Motive

Andorian ale
TNG: The Perfect Mate

Alpha-currant nectar
A bitter, red-colored beverage poured into a shot glass said to be priceless among the Gamma Quadrant Wadis.
DS9: Move Along Home

Altairian brandy
A blue-colored alcoholic beverage.
TNG: Manhunt

Alvanian brandy
A fine, sought-after liquor.
DS9: Body Parts

Andolian brandy
A beverage of questionable value.
DS9: Move Along Home

Andonian tea
An amber-colored beverage.
TNG: Conspiracy

Andorian ale
Beverage from the Federation member world Andoria.
DS9: Meridian

Arcturian fizz
A drink that some claim has "certain pleasure-enhancing qualities".
TNG: Ménage à Troi

A Klingon beverage (pronounced "BACK-goal").
DS9: Blood Oath

Bajoran spring Wine
A red Bajoran beverage.
DS9: Return to Grace

Balso tonic
A drink, possibly of Trill origin.
TNG: The Host

Black Hole
Cocktail beverage, one version of the Black Hole is straight up.
DS9: The Homecoming

The Klingon "warrior's drink" of choice, popular with Klingons everywhere. Drunk warm or cold.
DS9: The House of Quark

Bolian tonic water
A nerve-calming drink of Bolian origin.
DS9: Paradise Lost

Breshtanti ale
An alcoholic drink (pronounced "bresh-TAWN-tee") favored by certain Klingons.
DS9: Blood Oath

Calaman sherry
A red beverage.
TNG: In Theory

Cardassian ale
Beverage brewed by the Cardassian people.
DS9: Necessary Evil

A strong Klingon liquor.
TNG: Up The Long Ladder

Chiraltan tea
A brewed beverage (pronounced "chur-ALL-tun"), can be drunk with a twist or two of lemon.
DS9: Second Sight

Deka tea
A beverage (pronounced "DEE-kuh") that is apparently native to Bajor.
DS9: The Alternate

Denevian mead
A fermented beverage, likely from Deneva.
TNG: In Theory

Draylaxian whiskey
Alcoholic beverage, presumably from the planet Draylax.
ENT: Fortunate Son

A clear alcoholic beverage from Pentarus V.
TNG: Final Mission

Ennanian ale
Amber-colored beverage from planet Ennan VI.
TNG: Time Squared

Enolian spice wine
A drink worth smuggling.
ENT: Canamar

Fanalian toddy
Hot, alcoholic beverage.
DS9: Explorers

Ferengi starduster
A pinkish-orange drink served with a straw in a tall glass.
DS9: Babel

Ferengi wine
Reddish-orange beverage of Ferengi origin.
DS9: The Maquis, Part I

Gamzian wine
Intoxicating beverage (pronounced "GAMM-zee-un").
DS9: Rivals

Jestral tea
A brewed beverage.
TNG: Cost of Living

Pale, blue-green Romulan beverage.
According to Romulan connoisseurs, quality kali-fal has a powerful aroma that forcibly opens one's sinuses well before the first sip.
DS9: In The Pale Moolight

A thick, brown drink, perhaps alcoholic in nature, that is favored by Cardassians. It has been described as a beverage that is an acquired taste.
DS9: The Wire

Kandora champagne
A beverage that Ferengi would be willing to give away as a prize.
DS9: Meridian

Karvino juice
Soothing beverage.
DS9: Defiant

Ktarian Merlot
A dry red Ktarian wine.
VGR: Scientific Method

A pale pink beverage (pronounced "LANG-gore") that is highly prized, at least for ceremony.
DS9: Vortex

Maraltian Seev-ale
A light green beverage.
DS9: Duet

Mareuvian tea
A brewed beverage.
TNG: The Child

Millipede juice
Ferengi drink. Served with or without shells.
DS9: Prophet Motive

Modela aperitif
A layered drink with a red bottom, an orange layer and a blue one poured last.
DS9: Dramatis Personae

Potent Klingon drink traditionally drunk on the Day of Honour.
VGR: Day of Honor

Papalla juice
An effervescent clear drink.
TNG: Imaginary Friend

Prometheus nectar
Beverage suitable for consumption by children.
TNG: The Child

Pyrellian ginger tea
A variety of tea that was apparently difficult to come by during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor.
DS9: Necessary Evil

Klingon coffee.
DS9: The Passenger

Red leaf tea
A Cardassian tea.
DS9: Civil Defense

Red Torian
A red-colored drink.
TNG: The Mind's Eye

Rokassa juice
A beverage with an unmistakable odor, apparently made from a fruit and possibly of Cardassian origin.
DS9: Cardassians

Romulan ale
An infamous blue alchoholic beverage with a powerful kick, the drink has been banned in the United Federation of Planets since before 2285 and is still not a commonly known commodity. Temporarilly not banned during the Dominion War.
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Samarian Sunset
A clear-colored beverage that, when prepared in the "traditional style," erupts into a mid-glass swirl of green and orange when its container is vibrated with a ping.
DS9: Paradise Lost

Sapphire Wine
A beverage which resembled the deep blue of the ocean off da Vinci Falls on Gideon Seyetik's terraformed Blue Horizon world.
DS9: Second Sight

Saurian brandy
A popular drink, this potent beverage was served in a crook-necked bottle and was a favorite among Starfleet crews by the 2260s.
TOS: The Enemy Within

Drink popular on the Ferengi home world, made with 43% live algae, "the slimiest cola in the galaxy" according to it's makers.
DS9: Profit and Lace

Snail juice
A common Ferengi drink made, as the name implies, from snails.
DS9: Body Parts

A green, intoxicating beverage.
DS9: The Storyteller

Generic name for all types of artificial achoholic beverages whose intoxication effect is all illusion and not chemical.
Synthale is the synthetic version of ale or beer, for example, commonly programmed into Starfleet crew replicators as an alternative to the long-lasting detrimental effects of natural overimbibing. The pleasurable stimulus can be shrugged off at any time, but any potency of liquor is available.
TNG: Family

Takana root tea
Common Teplan beverage.
TNG: The Quickening

Takarian mead
A beverage stored in kegs.
DS9: The Visitor

Tarkalean tea
Amber-brown beverage (pronounced "tar-KAY-lee-un").
DS9: Past Prologue

Telluridian synthale
Dark-colored, non-alcoholic beverage.
TNG: Legacy

A delightful orange colored beverage. Since this drink was first introduced to members of Starfleet in 2366, it has become more widely known.
TOS: The Corbomite Maneuver

Trixian bubble juice
A sweet, pink beverage served in a tall glass.
DS9: Prophet Motive

Tulaberry wine
Beverage originating in the Gamma Quadrant.
DS9: Rules of Acquisition

Tzartak aperitif
A complex, yellow-colored drink.
TNG: Time's Arrow, Part I

Vulcan port
Green-colored fortified wine from Vulcan that is bottled for at least 300 years.
DS9: The Maquis, Part I

Vulcan spice tea
A Vulcan blend of tea.
VGR: Alliances

Klingon ale.
TNG: Rightful Heir

Wine made from a cactus that grows on the Northern foothills of Zobral's planet.
ENT: Desert Crossing

Yridian brandy
The Yridians, a species known as information brokers, are also adept at alcoholic distilling.
DS9: The Sword of Kahless

Zariphean blend
Variety of tea available, heavily caffeinated.
ENT: Breaking the Ice

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