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This page is lists several of the equipment named and possibly even used equipment from the shows and movies. Looking for a specific tool to do a certain job? This is the place to find it and tinker them into your logs.

Anodyne Relay
Power transfer device used aboard starships.
VGR: Prototype

Anyon Emitter
An engineering tool which can be modified to clear chroniton particle contamination.
TNG: The Next Phase

Bipolar Torch
Powerful cutting tool capable of cutting through toranium.
DS9: The Forsaken

Coil Spanner
Engineering tool.
DS9: The Circle

Directional Sonic Generator
Hand-held directional audio frequency emitter.
DS9: Playing God

Dualitic Inverter
Engineering tool.
DS9: Starship Down

Duotronic Probe
Tool used to regulate plasma flow.
VGR: Fair Trade

Dynametric Array
Analytic tool.
DS9: Playing God

Dyno Scanner
Sensor device used to detect low-level molecular activity.
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Emergency Hand Actuator
Backup system for opening a starship door in the event of a system failure which renders the automatic opening system inopperative.
TNG: Disaster

Emergency Transporter Armband
Device used for the immediate remote activation of a transporter.
TNG: The Best of Both Worlds, Part I

EPI Capacitor
Device used to open a runabout hatch in an emergency. It by-passes the normal door actuation servos.
DS9: Q-Less

Field Diverters
Device utilized to isolate areas of starships from the decontaminating plasma field of a baryon sweep. Field diverters are used to protect the ship's computer core and bridge. Multiple diverters on a starship required synchronization in order to be effective. TNG: Starship Mine

Flux Generator
An engineering tool.
DS9: Second Sight

Gravimetric Microprobe
Scientific sensor instrument.
DS9: Playing God

Gravimetric Scanner
Device used to measure fluctuations in a local gravitational field.
DS9: Nor the Battle to the Strong

Gravitic Caliper
An engineering tool.
VGR: Fair Trade

Hyper Spanner
An engineering tool used in the calibration of plasma injectors.
DS9: The Ship

Interphasic Coil Spanner
An engineering tool.
DS9: Hard Time

KLS Stabilizer
Engineering device used to maintain the power output stability of a starship's warp core.
VGR: Phage

An engineering tool.
TNG: Tapestry

Magnetic Probe
Handheld engineering tool used to seal the matter/anti-matter flow.
TOS: That Which Survives

Micro-optic Drill
Tool used for making extremely small and precise holes.
TNG: Power Play

Tool used to degauss small devices.
VGR: Learning Curve

Optronic Coupler
An engineering tool used for repairs of the plasma distribution manifold system.
DS9: Empok Nor

Personal Access Display Device. Powerful handheld micro-processor embedded computers with the capacity to hold a substantial amount of data stored in isolinear optical chips.

Phase Decompiler
An engineering tool.
DS9: Empok Nor

Plasma Torch
An engineering tool used for cutting.
VGR: Equinox

A highly flexible handheld device with a variety of sensor and scanner systems, information storage and processing capability, and a small display screen.
TOS: The Naked Time

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